Swimmer code of cond

Pacific Dragons Swim Team (PDST) Swimmer Code of Conduct

(Please read before signing it)

Objective: The purpose of this conduct policy is to ensure that every swimmer is provided with a safe and positive training environment that allows them the opportunity to reach their maximum individual potentials.

  • A swimmer’s conduct at practices and swim meets should support every other swimmer’s ability to learn and the coach’s ability to teach other swimmers.
  • Each swimmer should be committed to strive for his (her) own goals and for the good of the team.

Basic Responsibilities and conduct expected from all swimmers

  • Follow the safety rules or safety action plan of each pool completely as outlined in the Pool Use Requirement Form (Item 4). Always keep safety a priority for yourself and other swimmers around you while at each facility.
  • Be sure to LISTEN to the PDST coach and pool lifeguard when instructed.
  • Swimmers should be active participants in all team practices, competitions, fundraising events and other team activities.
  • Swimmers should be on time for all practices and meets. Pool time is very valuable.
  • Swimmers should notify the coach in advance if they are planning to leave practice or a swim meet early.
  • Focus on every drill and every set. Be committed to putting forth your best effort each day.
  • Swimmers are expected to wear team uniforms at the meets. This displays team pride and also makes it easier to identify swimmers on the blocks and in the water.
  • Follow coach’s instructions completely. Inquire politely and clearly when in doubt. Disruption of practice by an athlete will be grounds for removal.
  • Swimmers are expected at all times to respect each other. Fighting, intentional touching or striking another athlete will subject the swimmer to the most severe discipline.
  • Respect and show care for facilities used for practices and meets. Vandalism, intentional damage to property or theft of property will not be tolerated.
  • Exercise self-control. No one has the right to interfere with training, safety or

the well being of others swimmers or patrons. Bullying in any form is prohibited.

  • Swimmers are expected to use appropriate language. Use of profane or abusive language or obscene gesture by any swimmer should be reported and will be disciplined by the coach staff.
  • Safe passing rules during the practice (with the timed or coach instructed multi-lap set practice):
    • Respect and support each other in the practice. Any aggression or attempted aggression is strictly prohibited.
    • All swimmers should follow circle swim rule and stay on the right side of the lane (not in the middle). Swim in the middle of the lane is strictly prohibited.
    • During a pass when it is needed, it is the passer’s (the swimmer who wanted to pass another swimmer at the front) responsibility to ensure a safe pass can be achieved.
    • During a pass, a quick, clean pass should be achieved (by the passer). The front swimmer who has been touched by the passer is required to yield very quickly by going to the right (lane side) and/or under the water to allow the pass. The front swimmer is also required to stop at the wall when a following swimmer is quickly approaching to the wall at same time or right behind the front swimmer (with practice knowledge that the swimmer behind is a faster swimmer in that stroke).

I (the swimmer) have read the PDST Swimmer Code of Conduct. I accept and will comply with the aforementioned rules listed in the PDST Swimmer Code of Conduct. I understand that I can be disciplined by PDST or removed from PDST roster with any violation of the aforementioned rules.