Welcome letter 14-15

Welcome Letter from PDST Head Coach & PDBC President

June 15th, 2014

To PDST Families:

On behalf of PDST and PDBC, I sincerely welcome you to register for the upcoming Pacific Dragons Swim Team (PDST) 2014-2015 season. We look forward to another exciting and productive season for our PDST swimmers.

PDST has had another great year as a competitive swim team – many thanks to the PDST staff members, our parent booster club (PDBC), parents, and our swimmers. Together, we have worked hard to enable our swimmers to be the best they can be. Below a brief list of some highlights that are worth to point out from our near finishing 2013-2014 season:

  • PDST was 4th at PNS SC 14 and Under Champ meet in Dec 2013.
  • PDST was 6th at NW Age Group Sectional Champ meet in March 2014.
  • PDST swimmers ranked top 25 in national age group.
  • Broke 1 NW Sectional and PNS records during the season.
  • Co-hosted 1 PNS swim meet and for first time, independently hosted a PNS meet.
  • Awarded as PNS Nov. AGI meet co-host and the sole host for PNS Feb Challenge meet for next season

Going into our 6th year this September as a US Swimming-affiliated swim team, we strive to continue to improve our program both “in” and “out” of the water. We will focus on our effort to make our swimmers better and better. Our parent booster club is supporting the team and the swimming. As a swim team, pool time is precious to all of us. Our efforts to safeguard our pool times should remain a top priority for the team and PDST families. It is worth pointing out, for next season, our pool times have improved again with more pool space allocated to PDST use with better times. Improved pool times have allowed PDST to provide desired pool times for our trainings. There is no fee increases for this coming season as we have held our cost in check.

As always, we know you have a choice in choosing a swim team, and we appreciate your decision to be with PDST. PDST takes pride in its swim programming and is confident that you will too! 




Head Coach, Xiaowei Xu on behalf of PDST     

Hansen, Chong, President of PDBC