Fee structure table

PDST Fees and Financial Policies for the 2014-2015 Season

Fees are due as an initial Registration fee + 1st installment (1/2 of the training fee), the US Swimming membership fee and other one-time fees as indicated in the registration form at the time of the registration. The remainder of the fees are due in a final installment on 1/6/2015.

Training Hours and Fees for Each Group:

Training Groups

Weekly Practice Hours

Annual Training Fees

Pre-competition Group (Pre)*



Developmental Group (D)

3 hours


Novice Group (N)

5 hours


Age Group (AG)

8 hours


High School Group (HS)

  4.5 hours


Regional Group (RG)

>9 hours


Advanced Group 1 (ADV1)



Advanced Group 1 (ADV2)**



**: Current Senior Sectional Champ qualify time is required for the placement in this groop.*: Pre Group lessons are conducted by Pacific Dragons Swim School, an affiliate of PDST. The priority of Pre Group is provided for the siblings of current PDST swimmers. No PDST registration fee/US Swimming membership fee for this group as this group is not part of the US Swimming organization.

  • PDST Registration Fees (with team swim suit and team cap): $150 per year per swimmer with a $300 family maximum annually. 
  • PDST Multi Swimmer Discount: This discount applies only to PDST based training fees (Pre. Group is not eligible). The highest training fee will apply to the first swimmer; second highest fee applies to the second swimmer, descending accordingly. First swimmer pays 100% of the training fees. The second swimmer in the same family is discounted 10%, The third swimmer is discounted 50%. The fourth swimmer is discounted 75%. Training fees are waived beyond the 4th swimmer.
  • The PDST registration fee is not refundable.
  • Financial commitment for the full 2014-2015 season is required.

Late Fees, Credit and Refund Policies

  • No credit or refunds will be given for any missed workouts or portion of the season due to early withdrawal from the team before the end of the season, injury from other sport activities, transfer to another swim team, termination due to violation of the Swimmer’s Code of Conduct, or participation in other sports. If there are extenuating circumstances, cancellation of the contract and refund can be authorized by PDST on a case-by-case evaluation. A written request for contract cancellation must be made 30 days in advance for PDST consideration. When PDST grants the request for contract cancellation, the training fee balance will be calculated based on a 10-month training period per season.
  • A late fee of $30 per swimmer will be assessed for each installment that is not fully paid within a 10-day grace period of the respective due date.
  • A fee of $30 will be assessed for each bounced check.
  • Swimmer(s) will be discontinued in training and removed from the team when the fees are 30 days past due. PDST reserves the right to turn over a delinquent account to a PDST-appointed collection agency when the overdue account is more than 30 days delinquent. The parents of the swimmer’s delinquent account are responsible for any collection agency fees or costs incurred in addition to the owed PDST fee(s).
  • PDST reserves the right to end any affected practice group during the season if a pool contract is terminated beyond its control. In this case, PDST will refund the remaining practice fee to the affected families.
  • No discounts for early payment. The prorated fee is based on a 10-month training period per season.

Other Fees and Costs

  • All meet entry fees are paid by the swimmer and are due at the time of meet entry submission. A swimmer’s meet fee account is supervised and managed by the PDST parent club (PDBC), not PDST.
  • Team apparel such as swim suits, parkas, and duffel bags/backpacks may be purchased at an additional cost to each swimmer.

New Swimmers

  • When a new swimmer joins PDST during the season, the training fee and SERVICE hours are prorated based on a 10-month training session. The prorated training is calculated half-monthly (1st and 15th of each month).
  • For any new swimmer, a two-week tryout period is offered. However, the swimmer is not placed onto the team roster if the tryout is chosen. PDST will not reserve the roster spot for the swimmer through the recruiting period and during the tryout period. If the swimmer decides to join the team after the tryout, the fee is prorated from the month the tryout started. There is no tryout allowed for a returning PDST swimmer or a swimmer from another swim team who wishes to join PDST during the season.