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Iowa YMCA Competitive Swimming Executive Committee members are here to help answer any questions you have regarding rules and procedures for Iowa YMCA Swim Officials.    

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Jack Ver Helst

Dee Norton

Sandy Holck


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Misc. Articles and Resources

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Officials Training Information

YMCAs are required to have YMCA certified officials to officiate at home and away dual meets. 
For a meet to be recognized as a qualifying closed competition meet, it must be officiated by at least two YMCA certified officials, one of whom must be a Level 2 and will be the meet Referee.

The YMCA Swim Officials' Certification Program involves two basic levels of certification as well as a 'dry deck' Administrative Official Class.

  1. LEVEL 1 Certified Officials are trained to take on the roles of a stroke and turn judge, relay take off judge, time and scorer.

  2. LEVEL 2 Certified Officials are authorized to act as referees, starters and chief judges in addition to any of the Level 1 positions.

  3. The ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICIALS class is designed as a dry deck program to help the meet referee with any timing system failures or discrepancies in final times.  No prior training is required to take the Admin Officials Class.

All new officials must begin with Level 1 officials.  To be eligible to attend the Level 2 clinic, an official has to have served at least one year as a YMCA certified Level 1 official and worked at least 8 meet sessions as a certified official.  All official candidates for either level must be associated with a recognized YMCA competitive swimming program.  Approval of the Executive Director of the YMCA sponsoring the candidate or his/her designee, is required for any person to take a clinic and become a YMCA Certified Swim Official.

YMCA Swim Officials certifications are valid for 3 years and individual proof of current certification must be available at all meets.  Individuals re-certify by attending the appropriate YMCA Swim Officials course.  Re-Certification also requires that the official has worked at least 12 sessions on deck as a certified official during the three-year certification period.  Up to one half of the sessions requirement may be satisfied by working on deck as a certified official at USA swimming meets. 

Interested in running a Certification Course at your YMCA?  Contact one of the Iowa YMCA Trainers to set-up a course:

Jack Ver Helst - Boone

Dee Norton - Marshalltown

Mark Robinson - Cedar Rapids

Chuck Northrup - Dubuque

Sandy Holck - Spencer


If you are interested in becoming a TRAINER for YMCA Swim Officials please email 

Requirements to Become a Officials Trainer