Your Role as a Sport Parent
We all know that sport is important to the development of our children. As parents you are very influential in the way your child views his or her sport.  You, along with your child’s coach, are the most influential people in ensuring your child has a positive experience in sport. Here are a couple of simple tips that you can follow to help ensure your child gets the most out of their sport experience and that it is as positive as it can be.

1. Be a role model-cheer for all the participants.

2. Ask your child how they think they did. Don't tell them how you think they did.

3. Emphasize fun and skill development.

4. Help your child to set personal goals.

5. Become actively involved in your child’s sport:

  • Offer to bring drinks or snacks.

  • Become an official on deck

  • participate in fund raising activities

  • Offer to carpool.