Nickel City Aquatics is pleased to announce that we are members of the Shop and Support Program. This program is an easy way to support Nickel City Aquatics through your everyday shopping, budgeting and gift giving without any additional cost to you! Purchasing gift cards through the Shop and Support Program earns our club up to 15% on your purchase.  This is a way to give without costing you anything!!!  By purchasing gift cards for your gas and groceries alone, our club can earn up to $5000.00 per year.   Shop and Support is easier than selling chocolate bars or doing tag days. You can participate by contacting Pauline McColeman at [email protected]  or calling Pauline at 524-3893 to place your order.

All orders placed by Friday at 6 pm will be shipped by the following Friday and distributed at the Pool on Sundays. 

Pauline can set you up with a recurring order feature which will allow you to automatically receive those gift cards you use on a regular basis (major grocery stores, Shoppers Drug Mart, Petro-Canada and many more).

Nickel City Aquatics will be running 2 Shop-A-Thons this season.  Stay tuned for further details.