1.       How do I communicate with the coaches?           

a.     All coaches can be contacted via phone or email (listed below) at any time.  The coaches have requested that you do not bother them during practice time

 Head Swim Coach  

Kevin Kampschmidt- [email protected]  



Head Dive Coach 

Abby Weyer-



2.       Do I have to stay until the end of the meet?

a.       We ask that everyone stays until the end of the meet to cheer on their teammates and then join the team at Dixie Chili in Newport after the meet.

3.       Do I need a team suit?

a.       While a team suit is not required, it is recommended.

4.       How do I notify the coach that my child will not be a meet?

Swim Meet Sign Ups

1. Sign into the website (

2. Click on the specific meet you wish to attend (Events Tab)

3. Click on “Edit Commitment” under correct swim meet

4. Click on your swimmer’s name

5. In the Declaration box, there is a pull down menu- click the 2nd option- No thanks, {Name} will not attend this event

6. In the notes box you can provide any information the coaches may need to do entries for your swimmer. For example: Johnny has a baseball game, can only swim the last half of the meet.

7. Click “Save Changes”

Please update the system ASAP so the coaches can enter the swimmers as needed.

Please note, this is only for swimming. If you will not be attending a diving meet, please continue to let Abby and Lindsey know.

If you can’t get access the system and your child will not be at the meet, please notify Coach Kevin.

5.       When will my child be notified of what they are swimming each week?

a.       Each 10 and under swimmer will receive a card on Thursday morning listing their events for that night.  The 11 and older swimmers will be told what they are swimming during practice on Thursday morning.  Divers and their dives will be confirmed at practice Tuesday morning.

6.       How can I sign up to work for a meet?  Sign into the website ( and follow the below directions.

                  •    Click on ‘Team Events’ located on the right of the home page

                  •    Click on the specific meet you are signing up to work

                  •    Click on the “Job Signup” button.  You will see your account information as well as a list of jobs for that meet.

                  •    Instructions on how to sign up for a specific job are listed on this job signup page.  Follow those steps to sign up for a specific job.

                  •    Please be sure to click the SIGN UP button to save your job information.

                  •    Please note that each shift is listed with times, however the end time for the 1stshift and start for the 2nd shift will actually be after the short free (event 46). The 2nd shift will end when the last event is over (event 84).

                  •    The times for the bake sale and griller do start earlier than other shifts so we can have the bake sale running during warm-ups.

7.       What will my child swim at each meet?

a.       Each swimmer can swim up to 5 events- 2 relays and 3 individual events.  However, the coaches will only enter swimmers in an event if they can swim the stroke legally.