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Visiting Team Info

Welcome to Rocklin WAVE!

We are so pleased to host your team. 

Our meet pool is located at Rocklin High School: 5301 Victory Lane, Rocklin, CA 95765. Parking is adjacent to the pool in the school parking lot.  

Dual Meet Start Timeline:
Home team check in 6:30-6:45am
Home team warmup 7:00am
Visitor team check in 7:00-7:15am
Visitor team warmup 7:40am
Scratch session 7:30-8am
Team Cheer 8:15am
National Anthem 8:25am
Meet starts 8:30am


Please provide the volunteers for the following positions (Please let us know by the Wednesday before the meet if you cannot meet the volunteer requirements):

1) Lane Timers - 12 per shift

2) Computer Operator(s) - 2 per shift

3) Ready Bench - 2 per shift

4) Stroke & Turn Judges - 2 per shift

5) Early Take-Off Judge - 2 per shift

6) Ribbons - 2 per shift


Visiting Team Camp, check-in and warmups:

When your team arrives, they will enter to the left of the pool, just outside of the cyclone fence--look for the welcome signs. Feel free to set up in the walkway and on the black top, but absolutely no one can camp on the grass friends. Please refer to this pool map for entrances, tent placement and general pool side information. Please let us know if you need a table for check-in in your camp area. We open the pool for set-up no earlier than 6:00am.  We schedule visitor team check-in 7-7:15am and warmups 7:40-8:10am.

Entries & Scratch:

We have an 8-lane competition pool and do not have limits on IM or long free entries and are happy to offer exhibition races when space is available. Your swimmers will be in even lanes. We will run scratch at 7:30am, please send your coach over to the computer table at that time. 


We offer an affordable (and delicious) snack bar for both breakfast and BBQ lunch as well as snacks, & drinks. 

Ready Bench:

We only ready bench our 10 and unders, but the benches are offered for all age groups of your choice.  We do not ready bench for relays.  We would love it if the visiting teams provided 2 ready bench volunteers per shift (4 total). 


We run the meet with wired Colorado timing and plungers.  Your team is asked to provide 12 timers per shift, total of 24. We change shifts after Backstroke (event 43). 

Stroke and Turn:

We have 4 Stroke and Turn stations and each team will staff 2 stations per shift. This means we need 4 S/T judges from your team. 


Please provide 2 people per shift.