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2017/18 Season

Splash Report for Meets through 2/3/18 (This reflects the number of meets attended for each swimmer and team. Please contact Lydia Ahrold at with any issues or questions. Swimmers must have attended 3 closed YMCA meets during the regular season in order to be eligible to swim in Championship Meets - Sectionals, State, and Regionals.)

Top Times through State NEW!! (Includes results from the DSMY First Splash Meet 2/25/18)

Top Times through Sectionals 

Top Times through 2/3/18 

Top Times through 1/27/18 

Top Times through 1/20/18 

Top Times through 1/13/18 

Top Times through 1/6/18 (Does not include 1/6 Stoney Point Results)

Top Times through 12/16/17 

Top Times through 12/09/17 (Does not include 12/2 Oskaloosa Results)

2016/17 Season

Top Times through State 

2017 YMCA State Championship Psych Sheets

Top Times through Sectionals

Top Times through 01/28/17 

Top Times through 01/07/17 

Top Times through 12/15/16 

Top Times through 12/09/16 

2015/16 Season

Top Times through Sectionals

Top Times Through Feb 5, 2016 

Top Times Through Jan 29, 2016  

Top Times Through Jan 16, 2016 

Top Times Through Dec 19, 2015    (Note: Does not contain 12/12 Maquoketa or 12/19 Mucastime or Spencer)

Top Times Through Dec 5, 2015  

Top Times Through November 30, 2015

2014/15 Season

Top Times Through Jan 1, 2015

Top Times Through Jan 16, 2015  

Top Times Through Jan 23, 2015 

Top Times Through Jan 30, 2015

Top Times Through Feb 6, 2015

Top Times Through MAR 20, 2015

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