Thank you for your interest in the Mid-Cities Arlington Swimming (MARS) program. 


The atmosphere is purposely informal to reduce the anxiety the “new recruits” may have.  We are going to ask them to attempt to swim across the 25 yard pool, on top of the water, using any sort of stroke that is comfortable to them.  If they are able to perform more than one stroke we may ask them to demonstrate that.  If not, it’s not a problem.  This try-out is our way of determining which of our groups is best suited to your child.  Most of the new swimmers will be placed in one of our Novice Groups.  Swimmers that are not yet able or comfortable swimming across the pool may want to consider our swim lessons program to get them ready.


    We are members of USA Swimming (USAS) and part of the North Texas Local Swimming Committee of USAS.  All of our coaches, officials and swimmers must be licensed with USAS.  All of our coaches are aquatic professionals that coach, teach or lifeguard as their primary occupation.


    If you decide this is something that you and your child are interested in we will give you an opportunity to sign your swimmer up for a session, starting as early as next week.  A waiting list will be available if we don’t have a time that can work for you.


Our try-outs are offered every Monday evening at all pools GCISD and UTA at 6pm; TCC SE and Hugh Smith at 5:30pm.  No appointment is necessary.  No special equipment is needed, just a swimsuit and a towel.  If you have goggles you may bring them, but they are not required for try-outs.


Please ask questions of our staff or of MARS parents that may be in the stands.  We're a friendly group of folks who don't mind at all chatting with you.


If you have any other questions please call the MARS Office at 817-271-1537 or by email at