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Parents are expected to participate in swim team activities and to volunteer at a minimum of four meets throughout the season. Volunteers are needed as team managers, chairpersons and to help with specific tasks. Parents who do not wish to volunteer may opt to pay a “volunteer tax” instead. This fee will be established at the beginning of each season. Listed below are available volunteer positions. Click here for Parent Volunteer Forms

Meet Manager: One volunteer is needed to spearhead the timers committee and coordinate all the parent volunteers on deck at every home meet. Responsibilities will include assigning timers and other support functions listed below for home and away meets on a rotating basis. The meet manager and timers committee will consist of the following volunteers:
  • Lane Timers - Minimum of six timers and two back-up timers plus eight relief timers are required for each home meet. For away meets, 6 timers are needed.
  • Heat / event announcer & starter - Parents interested in starting or announcing at home meets should speak to one of the coaches regarding a training session.
  • Electronic timing operator - At every home meet we need volunteers to run the timing system console. It is not difficult, but some experience needs to be gained before someone can operate it alone.
  • Score keepers – these people validate the times on the cards against the electronic times on the timing console (times validation) and provide the official time to the computer time entry operator. They also keep score of the meet and ensure that disqualified swimmers are not entered into the official meet database.
  • Computer time entry - One person is always needed to enter swimmers’ times as their cards are turned in during the course of the meet.
  • Runner - The runners are responsible for walking the event cards to the scorers following each heat. Two runners per home meet are needed.
  • Deck Marshall – Two people are needed to help keep non volunteers off the pool deck and help keep order on deck.
  • Touch pads - Volunteers are needed at each meet to set up the touch pad system at every home meet. This entails putting the touch pads in each lane, plugging in the starting system, the speakers, the scoreboard and breaking the system down at the conclusion of the meet.

Fund Raising Manager: One person is required to coordinate the fundraising committee and managing all fundraising activities. We have several annual fund raisers but are always open to new ideas or the removal of old ideas that are not working. In the fall we have pie sales. In the spring we host swim clinics. Watch your email for flyers advertising these and other successful fund raising events.

We also have our annual Sponsor drive where we look for businesses to sponsor our team for a small donation. Local businesses can sign up for a banner, web site advertisement or donate a door prize for one of our fund raising events. Parents are encouraged to talk to merchants or businesses they visit frequently to see if they are interested in sponsoring our team. (see Sponsor Page for more information) – this page will have a list of our current sponsors, what they donated and a copy of the sponsor letter.

The Fund Raising Manager is also responsible for coordinating the following sub committees:
  • Concession Chair: This parent is responsible for organizing the “team moms” who coordinate concession stand donations, coordinate staffing to sell concessions at the home meets and purchase what is needed to keep the concessions well stocked.
  • Year End Banquet Chair: Plan and arrange for the team banquet by balancing the available budget against banquet cost, as well as time for swimmers recognition by the coaches, participation awards for swimmers and entertainment.
  • Publicity and photos: One person is needed for reporting meet coverage to the Voices and Oxford Gazette. Many photo volunteers are needed to take photos for submissions to the local papers and presentation at our year-end banquet.
  • Merchandising Chair – the main role of this person is to oversee sizing, ordering and distributing team suits, swim caps and other Oxford Swimming merchandise.

Registration and Administration Manager: One person is required to coordinate all the administrative and registration functions of the team. The Registration and Administration manager must be a member of the board but volunteers working on the administration sub-committee may be parent volunteers. This person oversees the following subcommittees and people:
  • Team Registrar – coordinates all the registration of the swimmers and is the liaison between Parks and Rec and Oxford Swimming. This person also works with the head coach to coordinate pool time, send out global emails and helps to resolve parent / coach / swimmer conflicts.
  • USA Swim Registrar - coordinates registration activities for the USA swimmers, disseminates USA swim schedules, information and is the liaison between CT swimming and Oxford Swimming. If the team registrar & USA swim registrar are 2 different people, they need to be closely involved in all registration & pool issues.
  • Team Record keeper – this person keeps track of the team record holders and reviews the results of each official meet to determine if any records are broken.
  • Team Secretary – this person is responsible for recording the minutes at the board meetings and the parent association meetings. The team secretary also reviews the minutes at the start of each meeting and tracks actions that are assigned to various people.
  • Web Site Administrator – One person is required to control all content on the website, its overall layout and to resolve any issues. The web site administrator can delegate functions and grant access to individuals (such as coaches to post results) as he see the need to.

Finance Manager: One person is needed to establish a budget each season to present to the board for approval. The finance manager must be a member of the board but volunteers working on the finance sub-committee may be parent volunteers. The finance manager also needs to coordinate the coaches weekly payroll with the Parks & Rec administrator, and keep detailed records of the money raised through registration, fund raising. The manager also tracks expenditures like web site fees, purchases for concessions and team equipment. The finance manager or designee also keeps track of the USA Swimming escrow accounts.

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