Catharine Danenhower, Urbana High School
Catharine Danenhower, Nov 2005

Background—when did you start swimming? How did you get started swimming? What teams have you swum with?

My parents tell me that when I was three and after watching my older brother and sister swim in so many swim meets, that one day at Windsor Swim Club I said “Watch this!” and jumped into the pool and did an IM! It was after that that they signed me up for summer swim team at Windsor. I started into Aquachiefs at about five and began swimming year round at twelve. I also swam for Urbana High School for four years.

Are you excited about your final year of swimming in high school (Urbana HS) and the Aquachiefs? What are your swimming goals for the year?

I really am excited about my final year of swimming with Aquachiefs. My senior high school season was so much fun. I know I will miss the high school atmosphere and my friends next year, but I’m happy to be a senior and I’m ready to move on! My goals for this last season are to do well at Y Nationals and to get as many best times as possible and just have fun with everyone.

What are your plans for college? Will you swim? What do you plan to major in?

I will be attending Illinois State University in the fall and I will be on the ISU swim team. I plan on majoring in exercise science my freshman and sophomore years and then transferring into nursing. I plan on becoming a nurse in the labor and delivery department of a hospital after I graduate.

In November 2005, you signed a letter of intent to swim for the ISU Redbirds. Why did you select ISU? What other schools did you consider?

I selected Illinois State because of their excellent nursing program and felt that for many reasons it is a perfect fit for me. The close (yet far enough) distance to home, the size of the campus, the academic services that ISU provides to their athletes, and I really enjoyed the coach and everyone on the swim team when I visited. I was also accepted into Carthage College in Kenosha, WI, but they don’t have a nursing school.

What have you learned from swimming, besides how to move through the water like a dolphin?

I have learned a lot from swimming. In a way you have to be independent and not depend on others to wake up early and work hard at every practice. You have to want to do that for yourself. Also, time management is something that you have to learn in order to swim and go to school and still have time to socialize. All my coaches and teammates have played a positive part in my swimming career and helping me along the way. I know that last year was probably the most fun I’ve ever had on Chiefs, and I actually was excited to go to practice and see everyone. I was motivated. That’s probably why I did so well, and decided to continue my swimming career.

What’s your favorite movie? Favorite food? Favorite place?

I have many favorite movies; I basically love to watch romance/chick flicks and comedies. My favorite food is tacos. I love it when I come home from practice and my mom has them ready on the table! My favorite place would be at the beach; I love everything about it! The smell, the feel, the scenery...everything!

What is something about yourself that people might find surprising or interesting?

For the Second semester, I will be working at Provena Covenant Hospital with the nurses on the labor and delivery floor as part of the UHS executive intern program.