Swim Meet Frequently Asked Questions: Cross Island YMCA Barracudas


How do we sign up for meets?
Before meet entries are due, the coaches post meet information on the team bulletin board and set a deadline for entry responses.  Please mark “yes” or “no” next to your name to let us know if you wish to swim in that meet, and, when asked, please indicate which day(s) of the meet you are able to swim.


How do we let the coaches know what events we want to swim?
The coaches will select all your events for you.  Please check the bulletin board prior to the meet to know what events you will be swimming in, and come to meet warmup knowing what you will be swimming that day.  It is important to mentally prepare for your races ahead of time. 


What if we have to leave a meet early, or want to swim a specific event?
    Sometimes people do have to leave meets early, but we hope you will know that before entering in the meet.  Please let us know about these situations by indicating it on the meet signup sheet (ie., to the right of the yes/no column for your name, write “need to leave early, no late events please!”) 

    If you wish to swim a very specific event – for example, the 1000 free or another event not always offered at a meet, or an event which you are trying to qualify in for a special meet – please let us know by indicating it on the signup sheet.  We can’t guarantee that all such requests will be granted, but we will consider them when we submit meet entries.


What should we do when we arrive at a meet?

The swimmer should be on deck by the time warmup is scheduled to begin.  They must let the coaches know that they have arrived immediately so that they can be checked in.  Coaches must submit “scratch sheets” during meet warmup.  Scratching is removing a swimmer from the meet, and coaches are supposed to remove from the meet any swimmer who has not yet arrived.  If your child has ever raced next to empty lanes, you and they should understand why it is important that swimmers be scratched if they are not present.


How do I/How does my swimmer know when to go race?

     Your swimmer should arrive at the meet knowing what events they are swimming that day, and the coaches will reiterate that information to them at check-in.  The coaches will let swimmers know what heat and lane they will be racing in for each event and tell them when to go up to the blocks or to the seeding area.  It is the swimmer’s responsibility to know what they are swimming, approximately when they are swimming, and to be ready to go up when told to do so. 

     It is particularly important that the swimmer be easy for the coach to find when it is their turn to go up to the blocks; this may be well before their actual turn to race.  This means swimmers should not much spend time off the pool deck or away from the team area (in the stands, in the locker room, visiting friends on other teams).  Leaving the pool deck during the meet also negatively affects team unity and team spirit.