Directions to All Away Pools



Ashbury Alligators      6 lanes, 25 yards      403 Lawrence Drive   904-0955   [map]

West on 75th. South (left) on Book Rd. East (left) on Conan Doyle Dr. South (right) on Lawrence Drive. Pool is on the right.


Breckenridge Breakers      6 lanes, 25 yards      2852 Breckenridge Estates   420-2535   [map]

South on Naperville-Plainfield Road then left (east) Breckenridge (before 95th Street). The pool is right on the corner. (If you miss it, the south side Dairy Queen is on your right passed 87th.)


Brookdale Buccaneers      6 lanes, 25 yards      1625 Brookdale Road   961-9646   [map]

Take River Rd. north across Ogden (Rt. 34) When River crosses Raymond Dr. it becomes Brookdale Rd. Follow it around. The pool sits on the right between Preston and Bainbridge.


Centennial Beach Mudrats (at NCHS)      8 lanes, 25 yards          420-4211

Naperville Central High School is on the southeast corner of Aurora Ave. and West St.


Cress Creek Commons Rebels      6 lanes, 25 yards      1020 West Bauer Road   717-8720   [map]

Take Mill St north from Ogden to the light at Bauer Rd. Turn west (left) on Bauer Rd. Pool is on the left after Heatherton Ct.


Cress Creek CC Rebels      6 lanes, 25 yards      1215 Royal St. George Drive   355-7300   [map]

Cress Creek Country Club is on Royal St George Street. north of Ogden Ave. If approaching Ogden from Washington or Mill St, turn left on Ogden, then right on Royal St George. If approaching Ogden from River Rd, turn right on Ogden and left onto Royal St George. The country club entrance is on the left a few blocks up the street.


Farmstead Flying Fish      6 lanes, 25 yards      904 Mill Race Lane   420-1350   [map]

Going east on 75th, turn right on Naper Blvd. Head south on Naper Blvd., cross Bailey and make the second left onto River Oak Dr. Make your fourth left onto Fair Oak Rd. At the end of the block, Farmstead pool is on the right corner. Turn right onto Mill Race Lane for the pool entrance.


Huntington Commons Barracudas      4 lanes, 20 yards      1400 E. Chicago Avenue   355-3344   [map]

The pool is located on the south side of Chicago Av. between Oleson Dr. and Naper Boulevard. Parking is limited.


Huntington Estates Seahawks      6 lanes, 25 yards      1315 Hobson Road   961-9691   [map]

The pool is located on the north of Hobson Road 1 block east of Naper Boulevard just after the retention pond. Parking is limited. Park in neighborhood north of Hobson after lot is full.


Maplebrook I Marlins      4 lanes, 20 yards      1288 Sandpiper Lane   420-9701   [map]

East on Gartner to Modaff. South on Modaff to Tupelo. East on Tupelo to where it meets Sandpiper.


Maplebrook II Blue Dolphins      6 lanes, 25 yards      52 West Bailey Road   420-9633   [map]

East on Gartner, south on Modaff Rd., then east on Bailey. Follow its curving trail through the subdivision till past Warbler but before Killdeer, the pool is on your right.


Naper Carriage Hill Cardinals      6 lanes, 25 yards      400 Leamington Court   420-0026   [map]

South on Washington St. past 75th to Bailey. Left on Bailey Rd. then right on Coach Dr. South on Coach about 4 blocks, then right on Leamington CT Pool is at end of street.


Neuqua Valley Otters      8 lanes, 25 yards      Neuqua Valley High School 2360 95th Street   428-6000   [map]

South on Naperville/Plainfield Rd. to 95th Street. West (right) on 95th Street to school on south (left) side. Turn left at stoplight at school entrance.


Naperville North High School      8 lanes, 25 yards           

is on the corner of Ogden and Mill St. (west of Washington and east or River Rd.)


Racquet Club ( formerly Naperville Tennis Club) Orcas      6 lanes, 25 yards      1011 East Benton Avenue   420-9300   [map]

East on Gartner, cross Washington, then left (north) on Charles. Cross Chicago Av. and continue on Charles, then left (west) on Benton. Pool is on the right


River Run Raptors      6 lanes, 25 yards      4204 Clearwater Lane   904-1494   [map]

South on Naperville-Plainfield Road (passed the sewage treatment plant on your left) then right (west) on 104th St. Make a left on Clearwater then about 2 blocks another left up to the clubhouse. (It looks like an estate house with a very large private cemetery)


Saybrook Sharks      6 lanes, 25 yards      10 East 12th Ave   357-3434   [map]

North on Washington, just past Ogden Av. It is the second right. (For the newcomers you just passed the north side Dairy Queen.)


South Pointe Sea Stars      6 lanes, 25 yards      2824 Champion Rd.   922-6905   [map]

West on 75th St. then South (left) on Route 59. East (left) on Champion Rd. Champion Rd. is ½ mile south of 111th St.


Steeple Run Stingrays      4 lanes, 25 yards      6 S 050 Steeple Run Drive   355-6699   [map]

Go east on Chicago Ave (aka Maple Ave.) passed Naper Boulevard. At the next light make a left onto Steeple Run (the street on the right hand is Benedictine). Going north about 4 blocks (just pass a school on your right) look to the left for a small clubhouse (much like ours)


Stillwater Starzz      6 lanes, 25 yards      2308 W. 87th Street   904-8892   [map]

South on Naperville-Plainfield Rd, right on 87th St. passed Book Road. Pool is on the left about 1-2 blocks. If you get to Stark House Lane go back. If you get to Route 59…you're lost!


Tall Grass Lightning      6 lanes, 25 yards      3324 Deering Bay Dr.   922-6871   [map]

West on 75th St. then South (left) on Route 59. West (right) on 95th St. South (left) on Deering Bay Dr. (First Tall Grass entrance). Pool complex is on left side.


Waubonsie Valley Waves      8 lanes, 25 yards      2590 Rt. 34 Aurora   375-3564    

To Waubonsie Valley High School, take 75th Street till it ends at Route 34 Ogden Av. Go left (west) on Rt. 34, then right on Eola Road. The school is on the left, and the pool is on the south-west corner of the building.


White Eagle Warriors      8 lanes, 25 yards      3400 Club Drive   305-9577   [map]

South on Naperville-Plainfield Rd. then right on 87th St. Take 87th St until it crosses over route 59 and becomes White Eagle Dr. Follow it around to Club Dr. on the right with the brick entrance (between Treesdale and Saddlebrook on the left). Follow Club Dr. to the end (you can't miss it).