Coaching Tools

From workout writing and management to powerful stopwatch-free test set timing, this coaching toolkit is giving coaches and swimmers the information they need to get faster. It even includes unlimited video storage and sharing.

Practice Calendar

Schedule practices, assign workouts to practices, and easily manage all facets of your team’s practice calendar in one place.

Workout Management

A Workout and Practice Management toolkit that enables coaches to rapidly create sets, write & share workouts, and create & publish practice schedules with ease.

Attendance Tracking

Never use paper again! Make attendance tracking simple & powerful. Select the roster, location, or practice and tap your swimmers IN or OUT and that data is instantly recorded and available.

Take it a step further and associate workouts to swimmers and lanes, allowing you to memorialize a massive amount of data, with very little effort.

Coaching Tools Attendance

Workout Writing

You’re going to love how easy it is to write workouts. Married with our revolutionary new workout visualizer, you’ll see workouts like you’ve never seen before. Be more creative in less time and watch workouts come to life on screen.

Test Set Timing

You’ll even enjoy running test sets with the world’s first “stopwatch-free” test set recorder.

Test Set Timing

Video Management/Sharing

Recording and sharing video can be effortless. If you have a library of previously recorded video, simply import them or take a new video.

Do you record swim meets? This toolkit includes a lightning fast way to record and tag videos at swim meets, making sharing with families effortless!

Swimming video management and sharing

Performance Reporting

Want reporting? Once recorded, you or your parents can access all your data online or in the mobile app, and even print or export reports to Excel.

This comprehensive suite of reporting tools include attendance histories, workout distance & intensity output, test set progression tracking, and swimmer’s best times progression.

Workout performance reporting
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