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Streamline your billing with TeamUnify!


Billing and collecting money is your team's lifeline. We also know that it's one of the toughest tasks that any team faces.
At no extra cost
, TeamUnify billing is here to help your team!

Let's Talk About Billing

TeamUnify Billing give your team access to:

  • Improved, reliable cash flow
  • Automatic statement generation
  • Family access to online account balances
  • Meet declaration restrictions from accounts that are past due
  • Simple invoicing and collection of meet fees
  • Offer payment by credit card to your families *additional fees apply
  • Ability to view account balances, create invoices, and post payments on a mobile device.

TeamUnify's Billing System

If you are unsure about leveraging this feature, here are a few reasons why over 70% of teams have already activated:

70% of all TeamUnify Teams

Over 1,900+ Year Round Teams

Over 30 Team Activations a Month

Over 50% of YMCA/Institution Teams

  • Create dramatic improvements in cash-flow, and do it all with unmatched ease and automation.
  • The system is time tested and bullet-proof with thousands teams having invoiced hundreds of millions of dollars.
  • Our team can count on and trust the system to deliver on its promise to make your billing and collections process easier and more accurate than it is
  • Add the option to fully automated ability for your families to pay via credit card and/or ACH direct bank debits.
  • Enable your families private access to their billing information, and do it more accurately by making the move to TeamUnify Billing

Here's what customers are saying:

With TeamUnify, I took over a very large swim team, and in a few months, I was really able to get our aging under control. My aging report has gone from nearly 10% of our team being overdue, to less than 2% in just a few months.
Pam Glynn | Lakeside Aquatic Club
700 swimmers | State: TX
Has been an incredible help in minimizing the the hours spent on the "Dry Side" of running a team. All aspects from meet entries, billing and communication has been streamlined.
Nick Frasersmith | Denver Swim Academy
187 swimmers | State: CO
We are a small team and it has made a tremendous impact overall. We spend much less time on accounting, billing, and communication because the system is streamlined so well.
Nicole Engledow | Lewis Clark Neptune Swimming
33 swimmers | State: WA
I only spend about 1 hour per month on billing and I actually have an aging report and it is completely under control. That includes emailing about a dozen families who still opt to pay by check. It is so nice to watch fees withdraw automatically on the first of the month and see the meet fee balances disappear.
Carol MacDougall | Lewis Clark Neptune Swimming
161 swimmers | State: NH