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About Custom Templates

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Design Examples

Custom TeamUnify Sites & Logos:

Explore some of TeamUnify's website designs and logos


Hillyard Pirates

Fighting Platypi Website


Willapa Bay Waves

Willapa Bay Waves


TeamUnify Customization:

Why choose a TeamUnify Custom Template?


  • Full Color and Black/White Logo Design
  • Entire Process is Fun and Inexpensive
  • Design Formatted for the Web
  • Integrated into Current or New TeamUnify Site
  • Logo Design Formatted for All Print Graphics
  • Allows for Multiple Client Reviews and Modifications
  • Custom Logo Design - call for pricing
  • Custom Website Template -  call for pricing

The Design Team:

How can we help you to define your image


We are serious about taking your website to the next level

Note from the TeamUnify Design Team:

We are so happy you are interested in developing your team's online brand and image!  We are here to help you to improve your teams website look and visual impact.

TeamUnify makes the entire process easy and cost effective. Our designers will handle all of the details, respond to your feedback, and deliver a team website template that will help you stand out from the field.

We are ready to start when you are, so join the custom template club and redefine your online image.

- The Design Team 


Our Team Can Work With You On:

What areas of my TeamUnify site are customizable?


Main Menu:

  • Custom placement, size and shape of menu bar
  • Custom menu button shapes, sizes & colors
  • Drop-down menu custom colors
  • Menu font size, colors & custom fonts (limited to common system fonts)


  • Customized height (could be bigger or smaller than default)
  • Logo placement
  • Personalized taglines, images of swimmers, and more can be added
  • Custom placement of LSC badges

Side Menu:

  • Background & border color
  • Button shape and color
  • Custom sign-in, sign-out, contact us, and bullets
  • Custom link colors

Events, News, Partners Areas:

  • Custom borders and font colors
  • Custom tab and alternating row colors

Title bars:

  • Custom font size, background/border color and radius

Feature / Command Buttons / Image Slider Area:

  • Custom feature/command button shape, background/border colors
  • Custom feature/command icons, font size & color
  • Custom placement of feature/command buttons
  • Feature text area can be customized to display coordinated font colors and sizes automatically

Content Wrapper (area behind main content):

  • Custom background
  • The ability to wrap content in a container


  • Custom repeating or non-repeating background image or texture
  • Ability to affix, scroll with content, or proportionally re-size based on browser size

Utility Menu / Footer:

  • Custom link/hover colors

Super-Duper Custom Changes (may cost extra):

  • Custom images and graphics
  • Matching logo designs for print/ apparel/swimwear
  • Same theme - different color options
  • Ability to change your theme based on different team colors