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See what other clubs in the UK are saying about their experience with TeamUnify

Wycombe District Swimming Club

Chris Ross | Chairman | 614 Active Swimmers

"We are firmly positioned among the top performance clubs in the UK and we are also one of the leading clubs, thanks to TeamUnify. Now in our second season fully using the TeamUnify...I can only highly recommend that every swim club should be using it.

During the scoping phase of the project, we were delighted with the friendly and knowledgeable support provided by the TeamUnify team. It was great to have a dedicated person from TeamUnify assigned to help us through every step of the planning and deployment of SwimOffice.

Moving to TeamUnify was one of the best decisions we made, and we look forward to continuing to work with the solution in the years to come."

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Maxwell Swim Club

Sue Ashworth | Club Treasurer | 270 Active Swimmers

"We have had TU up and running in Maxwell Swim Club for over a year now - but after one month we could already see just how many benefits it brought and will continue to bring to our club.

Signing up was quite straightforward and quick. Having the technical knowledge from the previous site we were able to get our membership list into TeamUnify quickly.

As Treasurer, I was sold on TU from the moment I saw it. My enthusiasm was shared by our Head Coach as she felt it would give her a visibility on her squads that we had never had before...We got a real "wow" from our parents when we went live with a new website and a new club management system at the same time."

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Swim Bournemouth

Paul McGregor | Club Administrator | 261 Active Swimmers

"Before we started using TeamUnify all our processes, membership, meet entries, coaches records, swimmer attendance and club communication were managed using a variety of different systems, none of which were integrated in anyway. No one process was joined up, which meant a huge amount of duplication, which was very labour intensive and prone to error.

As soon as I saw TeamUnify I knew that we had to have it. It was the only package that brought together all of our processes into a single highly integrated platform.

Since we have been using TeamUnify, the number of entries to meets (swimmers and swims) has increased by 25% year on year...I am pleased to say TeamUnify has transformed our swim club "

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Aquabears Swimming Club of Rochdale

Mark Crouch | Chief Coach | 129 Active Swimmers

"As a club we have now been using the TeamUnify web site and team management for about a year and it has made club administration and communication a lot easier and more effective.

All swimmers' information/contact details/best times/meet results/meet entries/split times/attendance records/Birthday tracking, can all be viewed using the mobile app “OnDeck” or by going online.

No longer do we spend time and money ringing or texting individuals and then finding out we don’t have their up-to-date numbers. Parents can edit their accounts online, saving us time...it has made club administration and communication a lot easier and more effective."

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SWAN Swimming Club

John Digby | Head Coach | 544 Active Swimmers

"We were looking for a way to handle online entry to galas, like all clubs desperate to find a better way of handling paper entries, but that was beyond our skill set.

Signing up was quite straightforward and quick. Having the technical knowledge from the previous site we were able to get our membership list into TeamUnify quickly and were up and running.

The online entry system has had the biggest impact on the most people. We have swimmers training at a variety of different pools, and collecting entry forms was a major job.

TeamUnify support is quite simply excellent. Right from the initial phone support getting set-up I felt the Support Team really want to help."

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City of Peterborough Swimming Club

Richard Leech | Chair | 329 Active Swimmers

"City of Peterborough Swimming Club (COPS) is doing very well both in the pool and organisationally. We are a high performance programme, aiming to develop junior internationals and passing these swimmers to university.

We use the billing system pretty much in its entirety. Each member racks up their account through the month and then we settle it. Credits and extras are all taken into account over and above standard squad fees. This saves a huge amount of labour compared to paper entry forms and cheques – yep, that’s what we used to do!

We estimate that this has saved us around 20 volunteer man hours every week and this was a major driver for implementing TU. It has delivered exactly as per the promise.

I can’t tell you how pleased we are with the functionality, service and price point of TU. You guys are doing an amazing job."

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