OnDeck Mobile App

Available for FREE for all SwimOffice customers. Team administrators, coaches, and parents can download OnDeck and in real-time, access their team accounts, events, news, jobs, and more. In a matter of minutes, users will feel connected to their team’s information like never before!

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Attendance Tracking & Reporting

With OnDeck, Coaches will never again lift a pen to paper to track attendance. Coaches select the swimmer or roster they want to track and tap to record their attendance as in the water, excused, out, 1/4, 1/2, or 3/4. That’s all it takes! Then save and the attendance data is instantly uploaded to SwimOffice.

Account Management

With OnDeck, you’re only a few seconds away from your team’s entire account roster, billing information and much more. The most advanced mobile account management system ever created for swimming, all in the palm of your hand.

Swimmer & Roster Management

OnDeck delivers unmatched access and flexibility in working with your team’s roster. In the Members area you will find your athletes’ information, attendance record, best times, meet results, upcoming meets, medical information and much more. Explore, update, and perform real work from any device.

Communication Hub

Communication is key in managing a successful swim team.

OnDeck is powered with dynamic communication tools: SMS, email, push notifications and the new TeamFeed private communication hub, giving you the flexibility to communicate with your team when you want, where you want, on the go.

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Meet Entries & Management

OnDeck introduces a brand new interface that revolutionizes and simplifies the meet entry process. Once meets are in SwimOffice, in OnDeck you can declare swimmers and create entries by swimmer or event, then take advantage of powerful tools like bulk time adjustments, bulk events editing and approval, and much more!

Meet Results

OnDeck Meet Results gives coaches and parents the ability to search, explore, and break down a swimmer’s past achievements in seconds. Simply filter by Events or Swimmers, then tap to view a breakdown of the event by prelim or final, heat and lane, seed time, status, and much more.

Volunteer Job Sign Up & Management

With OnDeck’s Job Manager, the entire TeamUnify volunteer job management process from sign up to day-of-management is now available on-the-go. The days of pen and paper check-ins are now gone. Administrators can record and track volunteer attendance, add new slots, add entirely new jobs, send emails and/or broadcast text messages to one or multiple accounts, all within OnDeck!

Billing & Invoicing Management

OnDeck’s Billing management allows administrators and coaches to create payments for one or multiple accounts. Select payment types from cards on file, create on demand payments, and even view and email invoices to accounts. Never have you been more connected to your team’s finances.

Team News Creation

Most team news occurs at swim meets. Instantly available when posted by administrators or coaches in an elegant design that is easy to read and digest. Keeping your team always informed just got that much easier.

Time Standards Breakdown

OnDeck provides you with a customizable list of all local and national time standards that is maintained and updated by TeamUnify. Select from all time standards from 59 Local LSCs, YMCAs and USA Swimming. If we’re missing one you would like added just let us know and we’ll get right on it.

Cool Tools

Built into OnDeck is a one of a kind swimming tool belt. You’ll find a 3-5 Timer Stopwatch (depending on device type), a Lap Time Calculator to help share and visualize race pace strategies, a Time Converter, and a powerful Time Standards tracker connected to your swimmers’ performance attainment.