Swim Meet Management

You can create, run, time and report your meet with unbelievable ease while using our fileless entry system. No more emailing entries, just click Sync! Perfect for simple summer meets or large multi-cut multi-day meets, TouchPad runs thousands of successful meets each year.

Meet Creation & Entries

Can you fill out a form? Then you can create a meet in TouchPad.

Follow the system from left to right to create a multi-day, age group specific, multi-cut meet for your competitive year round team, or build the perfect meet for your summer swim league.

Invitation System

Once your meet is created, TeamUnify’s powerful invitation system allows you invite any TeamUnify team with just a few clicks. Your invitation will show up right in their team site.

When an invited team accepts your meet, it is published to their team website exactly as you have created it, and they can sync all their entries to you with the click of a button. All without emailing or downloading a single file!

Swim Meet Invitation System

Entries & Entry Manager

After you have invited all those teams, TouchPad makes it easy to manage the entire entry process. Simply accept or deny invited teams, then sync to import meet entries. How easy is that?

What about teams that are not using TeamUnify? Our powerful Entry Manager gives you full control to import .SD3 files with the ability to view exceptions, review changes to seed times, preview your timeline, and so much more!

Swim Meet Entry Management

Heat Sheets & Scoring

TouchPad gives you an almost limitless ability to produce customized heat sheets and scoring to match your meet’s needs.

Swim Meet Heat Sheets

Meet Banners & Advertising

Want a new revenue source for your team? TouchPad gives you the ability to print custom banners in your reports. Print reports with graphic flare and even sell advertising space to help raise funds for your team!

Swim Meet Heat Sheet & Report Banners

TouchPad Live

TouchPad seemlessly delivers live meet results for FREE to anyone’s device with a browser. Even grandma can easily follow little Johnny’s meet.

Anyone can simply navigate to www.touchpadlive.com to see for themselves.

Timing Systems

TouchPad easily connects to your favorite timing system.

Swim Meet Scoring