Electronic Submittals to the South Texas Swimming Website

Please zip any file before you send it.  Different types of e-mail handle files differently and I have had a lot of problems recently with files which have been sent.  Zipping seems to eliminate most of those problems.  If you need a zip program - go to http://www.winzip.com for a free evaluation copy of winzip.  Thanks-

It is a requirement that all South Texas Swimming teams who host a meet use Hy-Tek’s Meet Manager for Windows. For exemptions from this requirement, please contact the South Texas office.

Meet Invitations

It is preferable that all meet information include the South Texas meet sanction number in the name (e.g. meet invitation should be ST2_01.doc, or meet result be ST2_01.mdb, etc). Meet sanctions must be obtained before meet information will be posted. All invitations are requested to be submitted to the South Texas Swimming webmaster at least three weeks prior to the date of the meet.  The preferable method of creating a meet invitation is Microsoft Word.  If you do not have Microsoft Word – please export your file to Microsoft Word.  If neither option is available – please submit your file in a RTF (rich-text format) or as a pdf file (portable data file for Adobe Acrobat reader).  These invitations will be posted on the South Texas Swimming Meet Information Page. 

Maps to the Swim Facility

An street address for the facility is required to produce a link to an electronic copy of a map to your swim facility. Please inlude number, street, and city for the facility (zip not necessary, but useful).

Meet Setup Files

All meet setup files should be sent at the same time as the invitation.  Please submit to the South Texas Swimming webmaster a zipped hyv file created in Meet Manager for Windows.  This file can be created by going to (file) then (export) then (export to TM).  Please zip this file before sending it to the South Texas webmaster.  This file will be placed on the website so that any team may use this for electronic entry.

Meet Timelines/Warmup Information

Meet Timeline files should be exported from Meet Manager for Windows as an html file and sent to the webmaster no later than Wednesday the week of a meet.   These can be created by going to (reports) then (sessions) then choosing (all).  Once you are viewing this report on the screen, click on the envelope icon which has an arrow on it.  This is an export button.  Export this file to html and send it to the South Texas Swimming webmaster

Meet warmup and/or timing information is optional and should be sent to the webmaster at the same time as the timeline.  The suggested format for meet warmup or timing information is Microsoft Word.

Meet Results

To submit results to the South Texas website – please go to (file) then (backup).  This will create a .zip file.  This file should be sent to theSouth Texas Swimming webmaster. What will be posted on the website is an HTML result file and a .cl2 file which can be used to upload results into team manager.