The Senior group is for swimmers 13 and over and will serve as a stepping stone to the National group or collegiate swimming. It will also allow high school swimmers who play multiple sports or are involved in different activities to continue their swimming careers. Focus will be on aerobic training, race-pace work, and developing the entire athlete.

Lead Coach

Naomi ([email protected])


13 and over

Practice Requirements

There are six practices offered weekly. Practice requirements will be set between coach and athlete and range from three-six a week.


New swimmers must try out in September. Coaches will look for four legal strokes and may time swimmers in a few events.

Coaches will decide which swimmers will move from within the team. Commitment, times, and work ethic will all be considered.

Meet Requirements

Senior swimmers are expected to swim at one meet per month. Emphasis will be placed on the various championship meets (MIT in December, Junior Olympics in March and July, and the Silver and Bronze Championships in the spring.) All qualifiers are expected to attend.