Welcome to our Summer Programs!

(Pool Open: Aug 9th - Sept 12th weekdays at 3:30 PM, and weekends & Labor Day at 11:00 AM)

2021 Summer Season and Registration

Jim King



It has been a long year and we are almost through this pandemic. We hope this email finds you well as CPAC approaches our 20th summer season of serving our greater community. In addition, our Tidal Waves will be striving for their 8th Atlanta Swim Association championship. 


Currently, we are planning for a normal summer at the pool, but preparing for all possibilities. We know we can do swim teams and have been all winter. However, we are hoping to see everyone again soon. As always, we are optimistic. Like last summer, we will be working with the City of Atlanta with the goal of getting public pools open.


Our normal Opening Day is tentatively scheduled for May 10th, but it is subject to approvals from our different levels of government. We will keep you posted through our CPAC website, which is being improved. Please keep an eye out for "Registration Opening for Pool Memberships and Tidal Waves Swim Team." BTW, pool hours and practice schedules cannot be finalized until we know when we will actually open.


We hope to have some new info to share next week and may be able to post an update by March 17th at http://www.ChastainParkAthleticClub.org. Please check the website every couple of weeks for updates.


Hopefully, we will have the luck of the Irish on our side, as well as a few prayers.


Thank you for your patience and support.


Yours in service,


Jim King

Chastain Park Athletic Club