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(Summer public swim hours have ended, but swim programs ongoing.)

2021 CPAC Summer Registrations Update

Jim King


Thank you for your continued patience and flexibility as we ramp up for this 2021 summer season. As you know, we have been delaying CPAC Pool Member registration, since we do not have a firm opening date yet. We are still working with the City. Our last meeting was pushed back from last Friday to this Wednesday. At this point, there is a possibility of opening on May 22nd and May 23rd just for the weekend. However, all indications look good for being open by Memorial Day weekend for summer. Therefore, if you are inclined you may now register for a Pool Membership or wait until we have a set date. Please keep in mind, there will be some new rules and operational guidelines including limited morning hours at least at the start of the season. Some examples of potential guidelines are listed later in this post.

Next, yesterday, we opened our Adult Summer League Team registration, which is open to anyone. In addition, we are opening our summer Tidal Waves Swim Team registration today, since practice starts on May 10th after school. We will definitely be having Tidal Wave Swim Team practices in the mornings like last summer, as well as probably adding back afternoon practices like previous summers. However, we will need to assess how to assign practices based on our roster once it is filled. Our typical practice schedule is on the website, but it is not set in stone yet. We will come up with a pragmatic and safe plan to help our kids improve and have fun. BTW, we are not sure how swim meets will be formatted yet, but the championship meet will be held at GA Tech in the 1996 Olympic Pool.

As for Summer Pool Memberships, we have presented the City with operational guidelines with the basic goal of getting the pool open. Below are a few potential rules as we try to keep things simple and gradually get back to normal.

  • City may require masks to enter the Aquatic Center, but will not be required once you are settled on the pool deck or in the water. 
  • Will start the summer with BYOF (bring your own furniture) unless they do away with the clean every piece regulation after every use. (This will be reminiscent of 2002 when we had no furniture and saved the pool from demolition and sale.) 
  • Initially no guests will be allowed during member time until we understand our demand. 
  • Snack shack will have a limited selection at the beginning of the summer. 
  • Restrooms will serve a limited number of people at a time and masks will be required. 

Moreover, you will be provided a full set of guidelines once they are finalized. The key is for everyone to keep your social distance in and out of the water. It can be done. Over the last 9 months, we have successfully served swim teams including our ongoing USA Swimming kids and US Masters adults, as well as 5 high schools / 4 middle schools over the winter plus our Tidal Waves last summer.

Finally, last summer, we discounted everything to the extreme and provided full refunds for pool memberships. This summer we are going back to our normal summer rates and hopefully no refunds. Our general policy is to only refund if a service is not available / provided after payment. BTW, visitors will likely need to pay by credit card for daily admission or if necessary with exact change.

Thank you for your support and we will see you soon.

God Bless,

Jim King

Chastain Park Athletic Club


2021 Tentative Daily Schedule (June)