2022-2023 FEE SCHEDULE

  Monthly Total Yearly
NOVICE $95.00 $760.00
BRONZE $115.00 $920.00
SILVER $145.00 $1,160.00
GOLD $170.00 $1,360.00
SENIOR $185.00 $1,480.00
Note:  The above Total Yearly fees do not include any discounts.

**Monthly Fees Schedule above is based on an 8-month payment plan.

Fees begin in the month of registration and are billed concurrently for 8-months.  Athletes who register within the registration period (Mid-August – August 31) will have their first monthly payment due September 1st and billed concurrently through April.  No fees will be charged for the remainder of the season (May through August).

Athletes who register outside of the registration period or mid-season will be billed monthly until 8 concurrent monthly payments have been reached or the end of the yearly cycle (July 31st).  Whichever occurs first.  For example, if an athlete begins January 5th, they will be billed February 1st (for January fees) with the last monthly payment billed August 1st.  In this situation the family will only pay 7 monthly payments.

Fee Payments:  Fees may be paid at the time of registration in a lump sum or in monthly installments.  Monthly installments are shown in the table above for each group.  A 7% discount will be provided if fees are paid in full at the time of registration. Fees paid in full are non-refundable.  Discounts are also given to families with multiple swimmers.  See below.  If families with multiple swimmers elect to pay in full the greater of the two discounts will be applied.  Both discounts cannot be applied.

Discounts If Paying Monthly For Multiple Swimmers In Family

2nd swimmer is $25 per month   

3rd swimmer is $35 per month

4th swimmer is $45 per month    


Discounts If Paying In Full For Multiple Swimmers In Family

2nd swimmer pay in full $200     

3rd swimmer pay in full $280

4th swimmer pay in full $360    


Annual Swim Omaha Membership Fee:    Every OWSC/Swim Omaha member will be charged a $100.00 membership fee during the online registration process.  This fee is charged to all returning and new members.  The fee can be refunded to prospective members only if they do not stay with OWSC/Swim Omaha after a 1-week trial period.  Swimmers joining after   May 1st will only be required to pay a $50.00 Membership Fee.