Mini Waves ~ We are the future!

What is Mini Waves?

Mini Waves is a three-day a week swim-lesson program for kids ages 3-8.  This program was created to introduce the sport of swimming to the Rivercrest neighborhood children in a fun and relaxed manner. The program also targets those that are not “swim-team ready.”  The season will culminate in a “Lollipop Meet” (in late July) where the swimmers will compete in kick-board races, and fun relays and receive a lollipop at the end of the race. The Riptide Swim Team will be present to cheer-on the Minis and run the meet in the place of the regular adult volunteers.  Every Summer we have some Mini Waves that graduate Mini Waves and swim in Riptide meets at some point in the season!


* Note: there may be some children outside the specified age range who may be eligible to participate. This assessment will be made by the coaches.


When does the program start and where is it held?

For 2023 we are offering one longer session rather than two shorter ones. The session will run for six weeks with five weeks of lessons from 6/13-7/20. Mini Waves will be off July 4,5,6.  All lessons will be held at the Rivercrest Pool. 


What time is the program?

The lessons take place  on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays for 30 minutes.  Session 1 is from 10:00-10:30 and Session 2 goes from 10:30 - 11:00. Your child will be notified by the Mini Waves Coach as to which session they will be placed in. There are a maximum 24 slots total. 


How do I register and how much does the program cost?

Our registration and payment process is fully online through the Rivercrest Swim Team-Unify Registration system; Mini waves participants can be registered right along with any Riptide siblings in the family. The process is simple for both new and returning members. Once you register on this system, you will use the same account throughout the season. Click the "Home" tab on this page then go to "Online Registration".


 Each Registration will also be assessed a fee of $5 for the entire transaction and $2 per swimmer by TeamUnify.


What type of equipment is needed?

Bathing suit, towel, and goggles - good ones please!


Who are the instructors?

The instructors are all accomplished Riptide swimmers and coaches in training from the Riptide Swim Team. The head coach for the Mini Waves program will be one of Riptides senior coaches.


What level will my child be placed in?

Note: children may be placed in a group below and be moved to a different level (instructor) if they are making progress.


There are four levels of Mini Wave Swimmers:

1. Minnows - Level 1. The minnows or “water explorers” learn to hold their breath and blow bubbles. They are begin to put their face in the water for several seconds. They will become more comfortable by playing games such as “Simon Says” and “Red Light - Green Light.”


2. Starfish - Level 2. The Starfish begin to develop a kick and become horizontal in the water. They will learn to get their feet off the bottom of the pool and propel forward.  Rhythmic breathing and a sitting dive will also introduced.


3. Dolphins - Level 3. The Dolphins begin to perfect their kick, which is the foundation of every stroke, and will begin to introduce the arms. They become more comfortable in deep water and can retrieve objects. They begin to progress from a sitting dive to a standing dive.


4. Mini Riptides - Level 4. These swimmers are “Riptide Ready” and are swimming comfortably in the water. They have a Front Crawl with Rotary Breathing. They have a relaxed Back Crawl. They retrieve objects from deep water and have a standing dive (somewhat:) They will be evaluated by the Swim Team Head Coach and allowed to compete in a sanctioned Riptide Swim Meet during the 2023 season if desired.


All Mini Wave Swimmers are part of the Rivercrest Riptide Family and are “team members.” They are invited to participate and attend all social events - Pasta Parties, Pep Rallies, Paper Plate Awards and team-building events. 


How can I find out more?

Contact David Schedler at [email protected]