1. General

Dates: November 26-28

Registration deadline: November 17

Pool Location: Lago Brugge Olympia

Meet Announcement: Friday HERE; Saturday & Sunday HERE

LD Programs:   Session 1   Session 2   Session 3   Arm Marking

Whatsapp chat group: If you are not on the group and want to be added, contact the Travel Coordinator

2. COVID Travel Requirements

The team recommends traveling with your official passport and bringing your TEI card so that anyone checking you understands that you are a "habitual resident" of the EU rather than coming from the U.S.

1) Destination and return to Spain Travel Requirements

2) ROM requirements: as of 14-day period ending 14Nov21 base ROM is required for unvaccinated of all ages upon return.  See Rota Commander's COVID policy.

3) Green pass: Belgium has developed a national COVID certificate, the “Covid Safe Ticket” (CST) that allows access to various places like restaurants, including hotel breakfast. There are three different types of certificates that prove you are Covid-safe:

  • A vaccination certificate proves that you have been fully vaccinated against the Covid-19 virus (prior to 2 weeks)
  • A recovery certificate shows that you have recovered from Covid-19 after a previous positive Covid-19 test (less than 6 months)
  • For those 12 and over: a test certificate proves that you have taken a negative Covid-10 test (lasts 24 -48 hours).  Test duration depends on the time of day it is taken.  It lasts longest when done first thing in the morning.  See the meet announcement, above, for a list of pharmacies near the pool that test.  Also, Apotheek Meulemeester, 4 min from Weinebrugge hotel, offers testing.  APPOINTMENTS REQUIRED.  

3. COVID Protocol at the Event

- It is a host nation requirement for indoor events that every participant and spectator 16 or older be vaccinated, tested negative, or recovered from COVID 19 no earlier than 180 days prior to the event.  The pool reserves the right to request proof of the above documents at any time. You may also be required to produce the certificates in hotels and restaurants.

- Masks must be worn in the spectator area at all times, and on deck when the 1.5m distance cannot be maintained.

- All swimmers, regardless of vaccine status, will be required to take one saliva test.   The team has pre-ordered the test kits and these kits will be picked up by the team president on Friday afternoon at 1500 at the Team Presidents Meeting, which will be held at the pool.   

The team will appoint a COVID POC, to be determined once the list of meet attendees is finalized.  This POC will have a form with all swimmers, family members, and coaches, and will keep track of all the COVID documentation.  The form will have contact info for all attendees (for contact tracing) as well as the saliva test results.   COVID POC and process to distribute the test kits will be announced on the Whatsapp chat and via OnDeck.  ***The form is HERE***  Please download, fill out with your info on the last two tabs, and email to [email protected]

If your child is swimming on Friday, come by the pool at 1500 to pick up your test kit.  If your child's first event is on Saturday, pick up your test kit at 0800 on Saturday.  Parents or coaches will perform the saliva tests on the swimmers.  Results take 20 minutes.  After the negative results are returned, the parent or coach will notify the team COVID POC so that the POC can mark the form.  Once the form is completed for all swimmers, the POC will give the form to the event personnel at the check-in desk at the entrance to the pool.  Swimmers and families are then free to enter the pool, after checking in at the desk, having their name verified on the form or having their vaccine card verified, and receiving a stamp on their hand.  This only needs to happen once; the stamp is good for the entire meet.  

4. Team Hotel

Weinebrugge Hotel is holding 7 rooms for our team until 07Nov21.

- Single room 115€ per night / double room 140€ per night / extra bed 30€ per night (only 4 available) / baby bed free / city tax 3€ pp per night

- Breakfast is included

- Free parking

- See the full CANCELLATION POLICY here.  In the event of a COVID-related cancellation only, the room is free until 72 hrs. before arrival.  

- Reserve by emailing [email protected] and reference group "Tiburones Swim Team"

- Transport from hotel: Lago Brugge Olympia (7 min by car) / Charleroi airport (1 hr 38 min by car) / Eindhoven airport (2 hr 15 min by car)

5. Team Dinner

Tentative 1900 on Saturday, November 27

6. Event Details

NOTE: Swimmers DO NOT NEED TO QUALIFY to swim on Friday but MUST QUALIFY to swim on Saturday and Sunday.

See LD Champs qualification times and standings HERE

See Meet Announcements (link above under General) for details

**NEW** Volunteer sign-up form (officials to be handled separately)  here:  https://www.signupgenius.com/go/10C0F48A4AB2BA5F9CF8-friday

Spectators may be limited, so volunteering is a good way to watch the meet.  

Food Orders

Families can pre-order lunch from the pool cafeteria.  Options/prices here.  If you are interested, fill out the spreadsheet and send it to [email protected]   The team will pay, and then seek reimbursement from you.

  • Pre-orders for food are highly recommended to avoid queuing
  • if you bring your own drinks / food you'll be able to eat it in the cafeteria, but you might have to struggle to get a table.
  • If you decide to buy your food in the cafeteria without pre-ordering,  you might have to wait for a long time as pre-orders are treated with priority
  • The lunch-break time will be confirmed once the meet programme is finalized


1) Pre-order Towels

- NLT Sunday Nov 7 - message Liz Berdugo for:

  • Customized towels.  Send swimmer's name (or nickname) to be printed on the towel
  • 12€ each.  Send payment to Christina Suarez NLT Nov 14 by TeamUnify or NFCU at [email protected]

2) Other Merchandise

​- NLT Sunday Nov 14 - message Liz Berdugo for:

  • Non-customized towels 10€
  • ​Swim caps 12€
  • Meet Programs (with heat sheets) 5€
  • Send combined family payment to Christina Suarez NLT Nov 14 by TeamUnify or NFCU at [email protected]

See the swag designs HERE

3) Food

Pending pre-order option for food.  Prices will range between 7.50EUR (for sandwich + drink) and 15 EUR (for hot meals).