Two Separate Meets at Different Locations

Meet 1                                        Meet 2                                             
Date: Jan 15 Date: Jan 16
Registration Deadline: Jan 6 Registration Deadline: Jan 12
Location: Mons, Belgium Location: Brussels, Belgium
Meet Announcement: Mons HERE Meet Announcement: Brussels HERE

Whatsapp chat group: If you are not on the group and want to be added, contact the Travel Coordinator

Travel During COVID

The team recommends traveling with your official passport and bringing your TEI card so that anyone checking you understands that you are a "habitual resident" of the EU rather than coming from the U.S.

1) Destination and return to Spain requirements: 

   A) Fill out a Passenger Locator Form (PLF) online ( at least 48 hours before departing and another one at least 48 hours before returning 

   B) COVID requirements (not required for age 11 and under): Both to enter Belgium and to return to Spain: show a CDC vaccination card, proof of recovery from COVID, or a negative test

   C) For Meet 1 in Brussels only: Requirement to convert CDC vaccination card to a temporary EU Digital Covid Certificate at link "3) Green pass", below.

2) ROM requirements: as of 19Dec21 base ROM required for unvaccinated travelers.

3) Green pass for access to facilities including hotels & restaurants:

Team Hotel

 Self-booking at this time

- Transport:

   Meet 1: Charleroi airport to Mons pool (35 min)

   Meet 2: Charleroi airport to Brussels pool (48 min)

Team Dinner

None scheduled at this time