Officials Training and Certification

The Riptides Swim Club hosts multiple competitive swim meets each season. Home meets are a great experience for all swimmers and their families and, especially for younger swimmers, offer a chance to compete in a familiar venue. Meets are also an excellent fundraising opportunity for the home club.

Officials are an important part of making sure our swimmers have a quality experience in competitive swimming. During local time trials and swim meets the Club would typically require 30 – 40 officials such as timers, stroke and turn judges, a starter, a referree and a meet manager.

Officials’ training and support is provided through a series of online presentations supported by Swim Alberta and on deck mentoring provided by experienced officials.

Recommended progression for Officials

First and second year families (N1/N2) – timer and safety marshall

Third year (N2 and White) – stroke and turn judge

Fourth year and up (Red) – chief timer, starter, recorder, chief finish judge

Fifth year and up (Gold) – meet manager, referee

Information and clinics for all positions can be found on the website: