Volunteer Policy

Riptides Volunteer Policy – 2021 update

The Club Executive is responsible for the administration of the Riptides Swim Club. Each board member takes on different responsibilities associated with the running of the Club. The Board meets monthly and is elected at the Annual General Meeting (AGM).

Board positions:


Leads all Board meetings, supervises all club activities, meets with coaches and speaks on behalf of the Board and Swim Club.


Assumes the duties of the President in her or his absence and looks after the Casino fundraiser. Also coordinates corporate sponsorship and assists, when needed, the individual fundraising events coordinators.


Records, distributes and maintains copies of the minutes of all Board meetings.


Maintains the financial records, prepares the budget, issues cheques, makes bank deposits and completes grant applications.


The Director-at-Large fills in where needed and could also perform the duties of a non-board position such as Registrar, Equipment Coordinator, Travel Coordinator, Casino Coordinator, Grocery Card Coordinator, or Swim-a-thon Coordinator.

                                                Non-Board positions:

These positions are responsible for individual fundraising events and other Club activities. They are not required to attend monthly board meetings.


Process registrations, register all swimmers with Swim AB, maintain swimmer lists, and act as the contact person for registrations throughout the year.

Meet Manager

Organize and coordinate all aspects of running a swim meet. This includes registering with Swim AB, and coordinating officials, volunteers, timing systems, and awards.


Organize and promote the Swim-a-thon, handout pledge sheets, register with Swim AB, and issue donation receipts.

Grocery Cards  

Organize and promote the Sobeys and Safeway grocery card fundraiser. This includes monthly orders, collection of cheques, and distribution of cards.


Update the Club website with news, fundraising events, training schedules, meet schedules, etc. based on information from the coaches, other coordinators and board members. Other duties include coordinating/submitting advertisements and Club news articles to local newspapers.


Place and distribute orders for swimsuits and equipment with Team Aquatic Supplies on behalf of the club.