**PLEASE NOTE: Additional Fees NOT included in the above chart are as follows:

  • Swim Meet Entry fees (approx $50-70 per meet) – Due to ever changing Covid restrictions, we are still unsure what swim meets will look like but we are optimistic there will be the opportunity to compete this season.
  • Swim wear (approx $30-100) and goggles ($20-40) - information on purchasing these items will be shared (contact Coach Mary-Anne for assistance if needed at edson.orca.coach@gmail.com)
  • Equipment purchase (approx $25-40) – each swimmer will require their own equipment for use throughout the season (pull buoy, flippers, kickboard in a mesh bag). This equipment will need to be brought to practice each day and cleaned/sanitized between practices. Information on purchasing these items will be shared (contact Coach Mary-Anne for assistance if needed at edson.orca.coach@gmail.com). We are planning a used equipment sale/swap for the beginning of the season as well.
  • PLEASE NOTE: No credit card processing fees will be charged when registering online

Mandatory Swim Alberta Fees. These fees are collected by the club and paid directly to Swim Alberta. Swim Alberta provides the Edson Orcas Swim Club with accident and liability insurance for members at home and at swim meets. This is a once yearly fee. The options are as follows:

  • Pre-competitive (all ages) $28 - will not participate in swim meets
  • Competitive (ages 10 and under) $172 - will participate in swim meets
  • Competitive (ages 11 and over) $192 - will participate in swim meets



Potential Fundraising Opportunities and Values

Here are the tentative volunteer opportunities for completing your fundraising commitment. These are tentative and subject to change with availability. New Fundraising suggestions are always welcome!

September 1, 2021 to June 1, 2022

Pre-paid Grocery Cards

Independent and Sobey’s cards, sold at face value

2% of sales

October to November 2021

Fall Cash Raffle

100 books available.


November 2021

Little Caesar’s Pizza Kits



November 27/28, 2021

Volunteering at Orcas Swim Meet

Multiple positions required, some require online training and shadowing



November/December 2021

Purdy’s Chocolates


10% of sales

January/February 2022




April 2022

Bottle Drive

(Spring 2021)

Collect bottles around town and return to depot on designated day

40% of total funds raised will be divided among participating families

May 2022

ONLINE Spring Cash Raffle