How old does my child need to be to join Swim Club? How can we join?

  • Your child needs to be at least 6 years old and have completed Swimmer 4 or be able to swim one length of the pool. New swimmers need to attend Rookie Camp (you can register online under Events) so the coaches can assess their ability and the swimmers get a chance to try out swim club. At the end of the week the coaches will let you know if your child is ready to join and swim club and which group would be the best fit.

How long is the Swim Club season?

  •  The "Short Course" season runs from September to the end of March. We then have an optional "Long Course" season which runs from April through June. Short course swim meets are swam in a 25m pool (same as our Edson pool) and Long course meets are swam in a 50m pool. 

Is there a Parent Information Meeting at the start of the year?

  • Yes! We are holding a Parent Information Meeting for returning swimmers on Monday September 9 from 5-6pm in the Hospitality Room at the pool. The Parent Information Meeting for new swimmers will be held after Rookie Camp is complete, on Thursday September 12 from 5-6pm in the Hospitatlity Room at the pool.

What happens if I only partially fulfill my volunteer requirement?

  • If you don't fully complete the volunteer requirement, your volunteer deposit cheque will be cashed and you will be provided a refund cheque for the amount you did complete. You can also choose to provide a new cheque for the amount you owe and we will return your original deposit cheque. The volunteer coordinator will discuss your options with you prior to depositing your cheque.

Can I fundraise/volunteer MORE than I signed up for to help reduce my fees even further?

  • Yes! We want to make swimming accessible to as many families as possible and provide options for reducing fees. You can participate in our no-cap fundraisers (grocery cards, Purdy's, Little Ceasar's etc.) as much as you would like to receive extra credit. Other volunteer opportunities (Edson Aero games, swim meet, meat draws, raffle tickets etc.) are not eligible to be used towards reducing swimming fees.

There are a lot of swim meets listed on the calendar, are we required to attend them all?

  • No. If your child is a competitive swimmer, you can choose which meets you would like to attend. Please note that some meets have restrictions on who can enter (eg. certain ages only or qualifying times required). We require a minimum of 6 swimmers registered in a swim meet for our club to participate. You will recieve email notification when a swim meet is ready for sign up.