ACE Aquatic Club joins USA Swimming in a commitment to fostering a fun, healthy, and safe environment for all its members. USA Swimming has recently implemented the Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention Policy, a comprehensive set of policies designed to ensure a safe and transparent environment for athletes and adult members alike. ACE Aquatic Club is proud to include Safe Sport resources, policies and best practices as part of the education and development of our athletes and their families. 

All member clubs of USA Swimming are required to implement this MAAPP policy in full. We recognize that portions of this policy may seem drastic and that some of it will feel counterintuitive to the close-knit culture ACE and many other teams have developed,within their organizations however, it is critical to recognize that these policies exist for a reason. ACE Aquatic Club is committed to upholding whatever measures are necessary to ensure that not one child of any age in our sport is ever placed in the damaging and traumatic position of having a trusted adult take advantage of that trust and their position of authority in an abusive manner.