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What level should I register my child at? 
All levels are taught at all times listed. Click here to assist you with your child’s swim level. These are the skills your child will be learning in each of the levels. This give us a place to start your child if they have not been with our program before. We will move them on the first day if they need to be moved. It is tough to gauge what the classes will be like until they are actually in the water. It all depends on the makeup of the class itself. We are always willing to work with you on getting a child into the best class for all. 

What happens if I miss a class? 
If you miss a class because of sickness or another reason you are welcome to make it up at another time and pool. Please email to check on availability.

What is the class size?
The teacher to student ratio is usually 1:5. Each class is usually kept to a limit of 10 and 40 children for each lesson time. There are class times and locations that fill up. You are welcome to email and put your name on the list for a class and make payment on the first day of class. This will help us all avoid being surprised on the first day of class. We try to accommodate your first choice based on availability of pool space and instructors. If your child is the only student for that time your lesson will be 30 minutes or you can pay an extra $10.00 per lesson for a 45-minute lesson.

Can I get a refund? 
There is a $10.00 non-refundable fee applied to your registration. If you should require a refund it will be given after the first day of the session and 30 days after the request is made.

What happens on a snow day?
The Adirondack Bluefins will attempt to contact you in the event of weather or pool related changes to the schedule, please be sure your information is complete and accurate. We will work with you to make up lost time. Because we rent the pools there are often changes made to the schedule we are unaware of at the time of printing.