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Parent Responsibilities

At each meet, our team is required to provide timers. The number of timers we need to provide differs between each meet and each session. We must divide this up between parents for each meet and it is a requirement if your child is in a meet and you are assigned, that you show up. If you are assigned to time and if for some reason you can’t do it at the time you are assigned, please find someone to switch with. It is very easy to time, and if you’re concerned about not knowing what to do, please ask. We can give you a tutorial ahead of time.
Volunteering at Home Meets
We have 2 home meets in the short course season. Pilgrims Pride is in November (Veteran's Day weekend) and The Last Chance meet is in Feburary. All parents are required to do one volunteer session during each of our home meets. In addition to volunteering your time at the meet, we also ask for you to donate items for concession stand and a raffle basket. Besides selling pies at Thanksgiving, this is the only fundraising we do for the year, so we require you to sign up for concession and raffle items so that we can raise funds for the team and keep fees down through the year. If, for some reason, you can't volunteer for a home meet, you can make a monetary donation of $150 to cover your volunteer shift. (this does not cover the donations for concession and raffle) If you don't show up for your volunteer time, the fee is $150 to cover your shift time as well.