Head Coach - Bill Clark


Hello Otters! My name is Bill Clark and I’m very happy to be joining the team this year as your head coach.

I know many of you through community events and summer swimming, but I’d like to give you all a brief introduction.


First of all, I love to swim, and I love to coach. I know that some swimmers want to win races and break records, some want to get fit, some want to have fun and some want to improve their technique and drop time. Most of you probably have a combination of these goals. Whatever your goals are, I’m glad you are

on the team.


I didn’t join a swim team until 9th grade, so if you are a teen who thinks it’s too late to become a competitive swimmer, we should talk. I swam for my local high school and swam for a USA Swimming

team where I competed at regional and national levels. I still swim almost daily and compete in an adult swimming league.


Here is what you can expect from me as your coach:

   Technique is very important to me and I love working with swimmers to perfect their skills.

   When we practice, we will simulate race conditions. This means we will do lots of work on starts, breakouts, turns and finishes. I want you to swim at race pace as much as possible.

   Whatever your swimming ability and speed, you will feel valued and your accomplishments will be celebrated.

   You can expect a wide variety of sets to meet your individual needs. Some of you want to focus on sprints, some want to do distance, some want a combination. Practices will get all of you tuned up for your races, whatever they are.

   I rarely count yardage at practices. A good practice is one where you leave feeling challenged, feeling like you improved and feeling that good sort of tired that only swimmers know. Some days we will accomplish this with 1,200 yards, some days with thousands of yards, but yardage will never be the goal or measure of a good practice.

   You will get personalized feedback from me at every practice.

   I’ll probably get in the water with you a few times each practice (when it’s safe to do so). Half of your technique happens below the water and I can’t see that on deck. Besides, I love to swim and really can’t help getting in whenever I can!

We will have lots of fun, and I can’t wait to swim with you!


Addison Otters Board

Matha Davis - Registrar    email: [email protected]

Deena Miller - Co-Treasurer   email: [email protected]

Karen Parker - Secretary   email: [email protected], [email protected]

Jenny Koopman -    Treasurer      email: [email protected]


Assistant Swim Coach (still open!!) 

We are still recruiting for an Assistant Swim Coach. Availability on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 4:00 - 5:00 and/or 5:00 - 6:00 is required. This position will work primarily with our younger swimmers (K-5)

The assistant swim coach will work under the supervision of the head coach to prepare swimmers to join a competitive swim team.

Responsibilities include:

  • Preparing and supervising swim practice for kindergarten through grade 5 swimmers
  • Developing strong confident swimmers 
  • Explaining and evaluating efficient stroke technique and skill improvement
  • Monitoring swimmer safety and behavior while promoting an accepting and supportive environment 
  • Coaching at swim meets as directed by the Head Coach


  • Prior coaching and/or swimming experience
  • Ability to work with a variety of ages and levels of swimmers
  • Possess strong communication skills
  • Hold or be willing to attain the appropriate coaching certifications for USA swimming including CPR/First aid and either a lifeguard or safety training for coach’s certification.
  • Must pass a background check

If you are interested in this positions, please contact our Head Coach Bill Clark at [email protected]