Mission, Vision and Values


Addison Otters Mission:

We swim to create a place where youth build strength, determination, confidence and life-long friendships on a team that celebrates swimmers of all abilities.

Addison Otters Vision:
We will be the team that sees beyond the ribbons and stopwatches to ensure that our swimmers are supported and challenged through every stage of their youth in a pool that feels like home, with people who feel like family.

Addison Otters Values:

  • Far above anything else, we value our swimmers and the opportunities we have to help them grow.
  • We value the fact that our team can serve, challenge and celebrate swimmers of all levels. We train elite swimmers and prepare them for championship meets. We also train new and developing swimmers in the way that best supports their growth (with or without competitions).
  • We value the goals our swimmers set for themselves. We embrace these goals as our own and recognize that goals evolve as swimmers grow up.
  • We value and celebrate the accomplishments of our swimmers.
  • We value the learning opportunities that come not only with success but also when a swimmer falls short of a goal.
  • We value swimming and the joy that comes from being in the water. As our swimmers develop skills and speed, we recognize our obligation to keep swimming fun.