**Interested NEW swimmers MUST tryout in order to register and swim with HAC.**

HAC tryouts typically take place prior to the Fall session.  Please send us an email as August approaches if you have an interested swimmer.   For tryouts...please make sure your child is prepared with a suit on under clothes, as well as a towel and goggles.  Tryouts occur on a first come, first serve basis.  Parents and potential swimmers will come and sign in.  They will then be asked to wait in the stands until it is their child's turn to tryout.  At that point, an officer will escort your child to the pool deck, and you can stay in the stands and watch. Expect your child to be in the water for approximately 5 minutes.  An officer will get you once the tryout is over to explain the next steps.  If your child is not quite ready to swim at a competitive level, Hempfield Rec offers a swim program at our high school which is lead by our coaches.  Your child will be encouraged to register for this program to prepare him/her for HAC.  Please visit Hempfield Parks & Rec Program Catalog

Information Regarding Online Registration and Fees...  

Registration is NOW ONLINE & the directions are easy to follow!  As soon as you join HAC and provide a valid email address, you'll receive instructions!


**Registration Fee is subject to change**

Online Registration takes place 3 times per year: Fall, Winter, and Summer.  

You will see 2 - 3 fees charged to your account for the Fall Session: $20 insurance fee (per child) and a registration fee (per child): $175- 1st child; $165- 2nd child; $155- 3rd child; $145- 4th child. High school swimmers will be charged a $20 insurance fee.  The insurance fee is per swimmer, per year.  (Possible $50 fundraising fee (per family).

There will be 2 fees charged to your account for the Winter session:  $50 fundraising fee (per family) and registration fee (per child): $175- 1st child; $165- 2nd child; $155- 3rd child; $145- 4th child.

There will be 2 fees charged to your account for the Summer session:  $50 fundraising fee (per family) and registration per child fee- $175- 1st child; $165- 2nd child; $155- 3rd child; $145- 4th child.

**Registration Fee is subject to change**

FUNDRAISER:  Every family (including high school) is required to pay the $50.00 fundraiser fee. 

VOLUNTEER REQUIREMENTS: Each family is required to volunteer at 3 meets during the FALL/WINTER season and SUMMER season.  If multiple family members volunteer during a meet – this will count as 1 volunteer requirement as volunteer requirements are per meet and not per person.  On average have 8 meets plus Champs for the Fall/Winter seasons. 2-4  meets will be held in the Fall and 4-5 meets plus Champs will be held in the Winter. On average we have 8 meets plus Champs for the Summer season.  Your account will be charged $150 if you fail to meet the volunteer requirements at the end of the Winter Season and Summer Season.

CONCESSION DONATIONS:  All home meets have a concession stand.  We ask that each family donate a concession item at each home meet your swimmer(s) attends (or select a ‘buyout’ option for that season-Fall, Winter,and Summer).  Concession signups are available the week of the home meet under the meet Job Signup on the Events tab – and an email will be sent to notify everyone of concession signup.  (This is not part of the volunteer requirement – this is a donation.)

We will not allow swimmers to enter the pool without the registration requirements received