Frequently Asked Questions


How do I join the Hawks? Go the Hawks website at Click “Start Registration,” then “Register Now.” Enter your contact information and that your child would like to join the team. A coach will contact you to arrange a tryout. All new parents are required to attend a new parent meeting before a swimmer is allowed to practice.

How do I set up automatic payment? Log into Click “My Account,” then “Set Up Auto Pay.” Enter your credit card information. Checks are not accepted for payment of monthly dues. Click “save” before closing the page.

When am I billed? Bills are processed on the first of each month.  Team dues are billed the months of October, November, December, January, February and March .  Accounts will still be billed meet fees each month.

How do I update my account information? Log into Click “My Account.” Update your account with the new information and click “save.”

How do I update my credit card information? Log into Click “My Account.” Click “Set Up Auto Pay.” Click the credit card on file and update the credit card information. Click “save.”

How do I check my bill and/or my billing history? Log into Click “My Account,” then click “My Invoice/Payment.” You can view your current invoice, projected amount owed, and billing history.

If my swimmer is entered in a meet and does not swim, am I still charged for the meet? Yes. Entries and entry fees are sent to the host club approximately two weeks before the meet. Once we have submitted entries to the host club, no changes to the entries or refunds can be made.

How do I check my service hours? Log into Click “My Account,” “My Invoice,” and then “Payment and Service Hours” to view your service hour balance.

How many and what meets do I need to attend?  In order to qualify for Adirondack Championship and Qualifier meets, your swimmer must have competed and registered qualifying times in TWO Adirondack Sanctioned meets. 

What are mandatory meets? Mandatory meets are all meets hosted by our team (Hawks Trials and Finals, Hawks Summer Invitational) and any championship meet that you have qualified for.