Required Work Credits

Swimming is unique to other sports in the number of people it takes to run a smooth and successful meet. Most sporting events require coaches and a couple of referees. A swim meet requires many hands on deck. Multiple timers for each lane, marshals, officials, and various other roles are needed. To that end, the Hawks are requiring that each family work 10 credits during our swim season.

There are many ways to fill your 10 credits.

  1. Regular season meets. Typically, we need timers and officials. At these meets, working 1 full session gives you 1 work credit.
  2. Hawks hosted meets (January’s Hawks Trials and Finals meet and July’s Hawks Summer Invitational meet). These meets have many roles to fill. Timers, officials, meet marshals, concession stand, raffle, set up, and clean up are just some of our jobs. Because these meets are so important to our club, working 1 full session gives you 2 work credits.
  3. Door monitors at practice. There are sign up sheets at the pool. SUNY requires that we have a door monitor going out to the hall at all times. They will shut down our practice if they find the door unsupervised. Working 2 full hour practice gives you 1/2 credit.

After the summer meet, any credits not worked will be charged $50 per swimmer per credit. For example, a family with 2 swimmers and 3 unworked credits will be charged $300. A family with 1 swimmer and 3 unworked credits will be charged $150.

We are looking forward to a smooth and successful season. Please do not hesitate to ask any board member for clarification on the expectations of these jobs or on the requirements themselves.