What are the Eastern Zone All-Star Championships?


The Eastern Zone All-Star Championship Meets are end of season meets made up of teams from each of the LSC's which make up the Eastern Zone of USA Swimming. The LSCs in the Eastern Zone are: ADIRONDACK, Niagara, Metropolitan (NY), Middle Atlantic, Allegheny Mountain, Maryland, Virginia, Potomac Valley, New Jersey, Connecticut, New England, and Maine. All four Zones (Eastern, Southern, Central, and Western) conduct All Star competitions for teams within their Zones.

Eastern Zone All-Star Championships are held at the end of both the short course (end of March) and long course (2nd week of August) seasons. It’s FUN for both athletes and their parents.

All swimmers swim as one team representing the Adirondack LSC. They wear (and keep) AD team swimsuits, caps, and shirts. These are included in their Zones fees.

For Short Course Zones, each LSC may send two swimmers per event in the 13 & over age group and three swimmers per event in the 12 & under age group. For Long Course Zones, each LSC may send two swimmers per event. Short Course Zones is a 4 day meet, Long Course Zones is a 3 day meet. Each swimmer can swim up to 6 events (3 max per day) over the course of the meet.

The Adirondack Zone Team travels to the venue as a team, on a team bus. The entire team of coaches and athletes stay at the same team hotel and travel to and from the meet together as a team.

All athletes must ride the team bus, to and from the meet, to and from the pool, stay at the team hotel, eat meals with the team (when provided) and attend all team functions, no exceptions. All athletes and coaches must stay the full duration of the meet, no exceptions. (The 10 & Unders are the only swimmers who are allowed to leave after Saturday’s timed finals, but, are encouraged to stay for the last finals session.)

Each athlete must submit an application, with the application fee and a completed "Code of Conduct / Medical" form. Full payment must be paid at the time the athlete makes the team. See Current Application for specific details.

All pertinent information, about the Adirondack Zone Team, can be found on the Adirondack web site, including all the general qualifying criteria. Follow the "Zones Information" link from the main page.

Coaches, Team Reps and Parents, please familiarize yourselves and your athletes, with the Eastern Zone Meets and the AD Zone Team Information.

Questions? Contact JoAnn Faucett on (518) 399-0494 or [email protected] 

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