Let's have some fun!

Regina Dunklebarger

Hey Tigersharks! I hope you all are well! While we are all staying safe at home let's have some fun and make an awesome swim team video. You have probably seen the virtual soccer ball passing videos where a team members pass the ball to each other. Well we are going to fling our caps. I made a short quick version so you can see what to do..it is over on the FB page. So go check it out. Then email me your own video with your swimmer flinging their cap.

Video Requirements:

1. Wear your team suit or a navy blue suit and goggles

2. Catch your team swim cap from the right side (this is the left side of the camera screen for the person shooting the video) Have a helper off camera toss it to you. 

3. Then fling your swim cap to your left (this is the right of the screen from the viewpoint of the person recording. 

4. Send the video to [email protected] The video should be in .mp4 format. It might be easiest to upload it to Google Drive and then share it with me. 

Deadline for video subission is Monday, April 27th. I will compile all the videos to make one team video. 

Stay Safe! 


P.S. We want to see the coaches too!