Last Chance! Send me your video TODAY!

Regina Dunklebarger

Thank you to all the famiies who have sent in videos! I am offering one last chance for you to send in a video! Please join us! The more swimmers who participate the better the video will be! Just Do It! 












Video Requirements:

1. Wear your team suit or a navy blue suit and goggles (You can wear a BRY Team t-shrt if you don't want to wear yoru swimsuit)

2. Catch your team swim cap from the right side (this is the left side of the camera screen for the person shooting the video) Have a helper off camera toss it to you.

3. Then fling your swim cap to your left (this is the right of the screen from the viewpoint of the person recording).

4. Send the video to [email protected] The video should be in .mp4 format. If you are using a phone it will already be in the right format.  It might be easiest to upload it to Google Drive and then share it with me.