Lets get in the Water! FINS UP!

Tom Grassadonia

Swim Team News – We are BACK!

  1. We are still providing workouts on the table near the Swim Team office. They are now in folders numbered 1 -10 with different workouts in each. Please take one for your use, starting with number one and moving forward each time you practice. Best time for swim team swimmers in the lap pool is between 10 and 4 Monday through Friday. The pool is also open on Saturdays from 7am – 12noon and then on Sunday from 12noon to 5pm.


  1. Dry Land with Ariel will continue on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5:30 – 6:30pm. Meet at the Flag pole (old entrance) no later than 5:25.


  1. Summer team practice begins on July 21 and will run through the end of August. Two practices are being offered each Tuesday and Thursday. The morning practice will be from 11am-12 and the evening practice will be offered from 6:30 – 7:30pm, register for one.  We hope to offer a swim meet, but we cannot guarantee.

Registration opens on July 14th either in person at the YMCA or through on-line registration at www.blairregionalymca.org

The cost is as follows:

$80.00 for members

$96.00 public rate

$0.00 USA/10*

*Those swimmers who have paid for the USA/10 program there is no fee, but you MUST register.

 PLEASE NOTE: Those of you who paid the last winter’s short course season then registered for USA Swimming; but did not participate in our 2019-2020 USA/10 monthly pay program will still need to pay the registration fee.  


  1. All swimmers will be required to be dressed to swim when entering the building.
  2. Locker rooms are open we will not permit any extended periods of time in locker rooms.
  3.  Athletes must also have a full water bottle on deck.
  4.  No equipment such as kickboards will be provided.
  5. All swimmers must bring their own goggles as we cannot provide “backup” pairs of goggles.
  6. No play time will be permitted before or after practice.
  7. Swimmers will be distanced as is feasible in lanes and on deck.  


If you are not comfortable please do not register to participate, no refunds or credits will be given.

If you paid USA/10 and choose to not participate in the summer program, a pro-rated credit will be provided to you for the upcoming winter season or other activities at the

We look forward to seeing our athletes again. Please continue to be safe. YMCA.