Updated T-shirt Sizes Needed!

Regina Dunklebarger


What size is your fish? 


Chances are that your swimmer has grown since you first registered them, especially if you are a returning swimmer. We are asking for parents to log in to their accounts and update swimmer sizes for both swimsuits and apparel. We need correct sizes to ensure your child gets the right size team shirt. 


How in the world do I do this??? 


How to Change Apparel Sizes in Team Unify 




1. Login to your BRY TeamUnify account. 


2. When logged in, you will see your home screen. On the upper right side of the website, you will see your name. Click on the little arrow beside your name.


2. From the drop down menu click My Account. 


3. A screen with all of your contact information will now be seen. At the top of your contact information, underneath the account holder’s name, you will see three tabs. Click on Members. 



5. The name of each person on the account will then pop up. Whichever member needs to have their shirt size adjusted, click (or double click) on that name. When you click on the name, their information will pop up. Scroll down until you see the option of Apparel Sizing. Adjust sizes as necessary. 


6. Repeat step 5 for each swimmer or account member that is necessary.