As a team, New Hartford Aquatics attends, on average, one meet per month. Each swimmer is encouraged to attend as many meets as possible to build experience at the USA meet level and improve the ability to create a goal for the end of each season. With personal goals, practice can become a time to build skills and move forward as a swimmer, rather than a daily chore. Along with these in-season meets, during our Fall/Winter Season (Short Course Season) New Hartford Aquatics attends the Adirondack Short Course Silver Championship Meet, and the Adirondack Short Course Gold Championship Meet. Any swimmer who has made a Gold Qualifying time during the season may swim that event at Adirondack Gold Championships. If no qualifying time has been made, that event may be swum at the Adirondack Silver Championship. Any qualifying times made at Silvers also allows swimmers to attend Golds. Swimmers are required to attend at least 2 in-season before Adirondack Silver Championships. It is expected that everyone who has qualified for Silver and Gold Championships will attend these meets. If there are extenuating circumstances that will keep your child from attending these meets, please be sure to discuss these with the Head Coach or the NHA Board of Directors.

During Spring/Summer (Long Course) Season, the team attends 2 in-season meets along with Adirondack Long Course Championships. Swimmers are required to attend 1 in-season meet, and are encouraged to attend Long Course Championships if having qualified. 

All meet sign-ups must be done through your online TeamUnify Account before the designated registration date. Meet fees will be added to your account based on the number events in which your child is competing.

What to Bring (Meets)

  • Team Suit
  • Team Cap
  • Team Shirt
  • Warm-ups
  • Goggles (2)
  • Towels (2)
  • Water Bottle
  • Healthy Snacks

Parents: The pool deck at meets tends to be extremely warm – dress accordingly (Recommended – Parent Team Shirts)

  • During Short Course Season (September to March) All NHA Swim Team members are required to attend 2 or more in-season meets, as well as attend all Championship Meets if having qualified.
  • During Long Course Season (April-July) All NHA Swim Team members are required to attend 1 in-season meet and Long Course Championships if having made a qualifying time.