Board of Directors:


President Kristin Kleppinger
First Vice President Jeb Barnum
Second Vice President Carrie Kelcy
Secretary Elizabeth Thoryk
Treasurer Duane Freed
Boys SAL League Representative Julia & Brad Bollinger
Girls SAL League Representative Chris Stout
Diving League Representatives Kelly Taylor and Michelle Martin
USA Swimming Representative Stephanie Freed


Primary Duties of All Officers:

  • Attend SACAC Board and Membership meetings.
  • Operate as the governing body of SACAC.
  • Exercise appropriate stewardship in governing the finances of SACAC.
  • Select all SACAC team equipment, uniforms, and spirit apparel.
  • Partner with the coaching staff to ensure that swim and dive practices are meeting the goals as set forth by SACAC’s purpose and mission.
  • Serve as advocates for the parent membership in all SACAC related matters.
  • Establish and appoint, as deemed necessary, committees to support the growth and development of the organization.


Duties of Each Officer:

President – shall preside at all meetings of the membership and the Board, and shall have responsibility for the general and active management of the business of the organization. The President provides general supervision of all other Board members and shall see to the proper performance of their duties.

First Vice President– shall act as an aide to the President. In the absence or inability of the President to serve, the First Vice President shall carry out the duties of the President.

Second Vice President– shall act as an aide to the First Vice President and perform all duties of the First Vice President in his/her absence.

Secretary– shall record, maintain and post the minutes of all meetings of the Board and the general membership.  The Secretary shall be responsible for all incoming and outgoing correspondence of SACAC and shall maintain a copy of such correspondence. The Secretary is responsible for working with the President and Head Coaches to send out the weekly schedule.  

Treasurer– shall have charge and custody of all funds of the organization and shall keep an accurate record of receipts (including, but not limited to, participant/membership dues and fundraising monies) and disbursements and payouts of all monies authorized by the Board. All authorized disbursements shall be signed by the President or the Treasurer and shall be approved by both. The Treasurer shall maintain a bank account in the name of the organization. The Treasurer shall present a financial statement at each Board meeting, or as deemed necessary by the Board. The Treasurer will oversee payroll and taxes.  The Treasurer shall be bonded at the expense of the club, and shall comply with all Federal, State and Local tax laws.

League Representatives– shall review the SAL Team Representatives Handbook and perform the duties proscribed therein. In addition, the League Representatives shall identify all volunteers needed for meets throughout the season and provide a schedule of such volunteers.

USA Swimming Representative– shall be responsible for coordinating all activities related to Middle Atlantic USA Swimming.