SACAC provides scholarships to children, who without financial assistance would not be able to participate in a competitive swimming program. 

All applications will be reviewed by the SACAC Scholarship Committee only. All applications (and information derived from applications) will be kept in the strictest of confidence, and hard copies will be destroyed after review (regardless of whether the applicant receives a scholarship or not). 

Click here for the application.

In addition, SACAC may be able to assist families when a temporary adverse life event impacts the family’s ability to pay their monthly dues and/or work their required service hours. The SACAC Board of Directors will consider each situation on a case by case basis.

Families who find themselves in a difficult situation are asked to write a letter explaining the situation and requesting temporary scholarship support (this may include monthly dues waiver and/or service hour’s waiver). The temporary scholarship benefits will be determined by the Board and communicated in writing to the family. Requests may be submitted at any time by mailing the letter to:

SACAC Scholarship Committee

P.O. Box 64634

Souderton, PA 18964