Hello College kids

So, as Thanksgiving is upon us, it's a good time to send the ol' Sarah Yan letter.  First off, I am excited to see everyone and have a crowded pool.  Secondly, don't make me change the name of this letter to your name.  So let's set some things straight before you get here.
If you are expecting to actually train when you're back, then welcome home.  Get yourself here for practice ON TIME, and be ready to go.  You will do what we are doing as one of us.  At the South Site on Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday of Thanksgiving week, the first 30 minutes will be dry land.  You're welcome to join, but not required.  So, on those 3 days, the pool portion of practice will begin 30 minutes after the start time.  Keep an eye out for schedule changes for the week.
I don't accept special requests.  We are a swim team in training, not a stay-in-shape kinda team.  If you just want to float around (like many like to do), then just go to the Y or find some open pool time.  You're still welcome to stop by and say hello to everyone, maybe go out to breakfast - but not welcome to get in our way :)
If, by chance, you have an invite the following week, and your school is one of those that drops a 2 week taper in November, let me know before hand, and I'll see what I can do to help out (after some light ribbing).  Otherwise, you're in for the long haul.  Having said that, if we're going long, there's usually a spot in practice where I give college kids the option of getting out early.  You can get out then, or stay in the water with Katie Rowe, Bobby and Karly.
If you want to take advantage of Black Friday mall deals, just skip.  It's much nicer than coming up with an "I have an appointment" story.
If anyone is bringing friends home for break, they are also welcome to join in under the same understanding - as long as they are currently USA Swimming-registered.
While I got you, we could use all the help we can get at the Cardiac Classic in Schenectady on Thanksgiving morning.  Please consider pitching in and joining us.
See you soon