Below is the template which can be copied and pasted when emaling the Board and or Head Coach regarding bullying concerns.


RE: Concerns
Dear Head Coach and/or Board of Directors,
This email is being written to share some concerns our family has. It has been a tough decision to write this as we do not want to cause tension with anyone on the team especially for our children. All the while, we know that hearing concerns is a part of your role and if we want someone to hear our concerns then we must be willing to share them.
Our concerns have to do with, what we feel to be, bullying behavior by NAME OF PERSON toward our child(ren). Specifically, that NAME OF PERSON has DETAILS OF BEHAVIOR.
We understand that others may not agree with our conclusion of how inappropriate this behavior is. However, we do feel the most important thing to address is how this has made our child(ren) feel. 
At this time, we would request an in person meeting with you to further discuss our concerns and how the team handles such concerns. This opportunity would be much appreciated and would go a long way in showing us how much the team cares about it’s kids.
Thank you!